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Annoying Turn Signal Sound

Does anyone agree with me that the turn signal click does not seem appropriate to the car? Mine reminds me of those little metal clickers they used to give out at kids' birthday parties.

The signal must be produced electronically. I wonder if it's possible to come up with something richer and/or offer some alternative sounds in the settings?

"Annoying Turn Signal Sound" preceded by the annoying sound indicating to "TURN HERE!!!"

Hey you hard-**ses out there. (Got Amped ):

I never said this ranked with the fact that over a billion people are living on less than $1.25/day or that the European Austrian model really should be replaced by Keynesian monetary policy.

( I do rank this above peanut butter in my jelly jar though which is not a problem for me).

I can't agree with those who think the turn sound should be annoying. The smell of natural gas should be annoying -- my turn signal should provide a gentle reminder that it is blinking.

Tesla has such a great product here. I don't know why my blinker should sound like a 10 cent party favor.

@moses.paul - sorry man I was just trying to lighten it up. I wasn't trying to be snarky. It would have been more polite if I'd just posted "it doesn't bother me." My apologies.

No problem. Mine was tongue-in- cheek too.

I don't like the turn signal sound though.

I suspect reading this thread that Model S owners may have too much time on their hands. My wife loves the turn signal sounds. I could care less one way or the other. OK with me. Though agree with earlier post that would be nice if a sultry female voice said "turning left .. you big stud...turning right..hunky guy..." etc." Though my wife would then change her vote.

Hey, I can set any sound I want as a ringtone for each individual person who calls me, why not a personalized turn signal sound? That's one of the reasons this car is so cool - almost endless possibilities.

I remember my dad yelling at me for leaving the radio up too loud when he'd get in after I borrowed it. I can see now if Tesla makes every sound customizable the parent will have to reprogram every sound when they are running late...... and no lnkng it with the driver profiles won't help because the teenage kid is going to use your profile and it will be every song/sound you hate at full volume including the 18 mph and under sound. Plus at that age you won't remember how to set it back without reading the manual or asking on the forum which STILL won't have a search feature.

I would rather hear that turn signal then the annoying roar of an ICE any day!!!

I can't say I'm annoyed by a turn signal sound that recreates what every other car signal sounds like.
Maybe you'd prefer tesla install an orangutan and you just have to say, "Right turn, Clyde"

Seriously? This is much ado about nothing. The turn signal sound is fine with us.

I would love to hear that annoying sound.

(8 months and counting, still 5/6 to go...)

I like it. Gives it that solid muscle/sports car feeling.

I like the sound.

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