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Anyone going down for the test drive or have a delivery date?

Hi All,

Is anyone going down to TM for a test drive this weekend? If so, can you please post your impressions of the drive. I had the test ride and it was great, but will have to wait until July 6 to do the test drive when they come up here.

Also, has anyone gotten a delivery date? I have a reservation number 296 for a Sig and have completed all the paper work, just waiting for a delivery date. I know there are a bunch of you with earlier reservation numbers. If you are in the Seattle area, I would love to come see the car when you get it.

S564, quoted "September" although my friend S8xx was quoted "August"...not sure what that means. I'm planning to test drive when the event comes to Seattle.

For what it's worth, I'm production 2156 and have been told with some certainty that I should have mine delivered before the end of October.

Thanks for the replys. Maybe we can all meet at the test drive in Seattle. I wish some who took the ride today would post some information about it.

If you have not seen this video of a test drive give it a look.

Has anyone received invites to the test drive event yet? I'm still waiting for mine.

Test drive today, reservation no. 1,975. Can't wait, I'm 6' 1", 250lbs, we'll see.

They normally send them out on the Friday, one week ahead of the test drives. I'm guessing they will be sending them out today. I'm no 2156, and have not received one yet.

Starting to get excited :-)

Just got signed up for July 7th test drive in Seattle.

Ready and waiting. Thats pretty much the story of my Tesla life.....

Still waiting for mine. P1649. The other invitations arrive about 6 days before the first day of the test drives. That probably means tomorrow a.m. for me.

Dang I didn't get an invite yet. I got an invite for the LA event on the Sunday five days before it started. So hopefully I'll get my Seattle invite by Monday. I'm P5967.

Did your invite say the actual location? I'm curious about the course.

Just returned home from my drive. Since I also attended the "ride" event in Fremont in October, I knew about the performance and what to expect...I thought. Driving was different than riding. The acceleration and cornering were almost scary . It was like "O Sh*t" this thing can move I'd better hang on. Other than that the car drives just like any car. Since I drive a stick, the regen was no big deal. It sort of felt like 2nd gear, except that you didn't have to shift to go faster. I felt comfortable driving the car. Getting used to it didn't seem much different than when you rent a car ?


Thanks for the feedback! Loved it!

@ olanmills,
Location at Seattle service center was all the info they gave for the drive.

+1 pmeyer1106

I hope I'll be thrilled on my test drive as I already drive a 380hp CLS550

I got my invite. Anyone know about the parking? I know there's street parking in that area (I love Blue Moon Burgers), but is there parking in the service center?

There's not a lot of parking nearby. I went into the Seattle store a year ago May. There was a small parking lot outside the building, but I'm not sure it would accommodate very many. I'm guessing we'll have about 20 drives/groups each hour. I hope they make arrangement for more parking on the street.

BTW I'm scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on the 6th (Friday). Hopefully they can make arrangements like they did in L.A. and block off a street for the drives.

I just read the confirmation email and does say that there will be parking provided (but your concern about the amount of available space could still be valid).

Kind of disappointed to see it down by the Mercer Mess. Might be able to go around the block once in seven mins.

Yeah really curious about the course. The freeway could easily be crap during the day.

Hi Guys,

Just curious about your res numbers. I'm P2159 and haven't seen an invite yet.



I would think you'd have it by now. Numbers higher than yours have.

I did. P4100 or so. Best call, perhaps.

Just spoke with the customer experience folks - all booked for 1 pm on Saturday (email got lost in the ether). He was extremely friendly and helpful btw.

Maybe see some of you on Saturday.


On the plus side of the equation, there's plenty of opportunity to test the ride and handling over bumps and potholes!

I'm P2736 and got my invite Saturday night. Going to test drive on Sunday at noon. Can't wait!!

I'm test driving on Friday at 11:00. David70: See you there.

Right on Cer.

Anyone with a test drive on Friday? If so, please let us know about the course.

Enjoy the test rides. :)

I'm noon Friday!

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