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Anyone load music into the car?

Just wondering how it's done. I noticed that it doesn't read any BiDi or international character sets. Is it a fast process or do you just plug your iPhone in and you select what music you want.

Haven't had a chance to try it out yet so seeing what people are saying.

Okay. I thought w/ the tech package, we could load music. any one know the story behind what happened? the point was to put your music library on the car. that means there's got to be a hard drive in this car somewhere and a way to load the music.

Still no answer from anyone at tesla on this yet. next person on delivery, can you ask?

It is said that the storage hardware is there and will be enabled with an upcoming software update. Same with Wifi.

For the record, FAT16 and FAT32 are NOT interchangeable.
From the posts here, it's looking like FAT32 is the one Model S likes.

Next person should get a date when the storage functionality is unveiled.

I've been successful getting music to play from a USB stick, but it appears to be inadequately buffered for 192kbs. I experience skips and stutters, especially with a slower USB stick.

The good news is that you can fill the stick with lots of music, because the navigation is very nicely done. But they need to fix the codec so it plays smoothly.

I have had no problems playing flac audio files from a fast 32GB USB thumb drive. I also tried 5.1 audio flac files but those don't seem to be supported. Hopefully this will be added in the future to support real surround sound.

So it turns out that my problems with the USB stick were the fault of a bad Notebook computer that created invalid files. After trying multiple sticks and experiencing the same sort of skipping, I falsely concluded that it was the fault of the car. A little while later, we fortunately noted some mangled photos on another USB stick and, voila, realized that it was the Notebook's fault. I recreated the music on my iMac and all is good. I can now say that Tesla has the best MP3 player I've seen in any car because it is so easy to navigate and provides the ability to select any part of a track.

I just purchased a 64GB USB flash drive ($29 on Amazon!) and put 60 GBs of music on it as well as a number of podcasts. I was surprised at how quickly it was processed when I plugged it in, and I'm still pleased with the ease of navigating so much data.

It would be great if Tesla could add a few features that would make Podcasts work better from a USB drive. The first would be 60 second advance, 10 second reverse buttons. The second would be continuous updating of the scrub slider so you can aim for a particular time. Third would be varying the speed of the scrub based on the distance from the slider (as in iOS) so you would have more control over the loction. Finally, and possibly most important, it would be good if the car would remember the highest location played in a podcast so that if you interrupted a podcast to play a song, you could go back to the same spot on the podcast.

The car should recognize a podcast (based on a folder name convention or the length of the file?) and treat it differently from music. For example, when you leave the car, it normally keeps playing music at a lower volume. With a podcast, it should stop so that when you start driving again, it takes of from the last location in the audio file.

Tried a test last night and marked several songs on the USB stick as "favorites".

Then went to the Favorites menu and selected one of the songs to play.

When that song finished - it went to the NEXT SONG IN THE FAVORITES list!

This isn't an ideal playlist - because the Favorites list is sorted alphabetically - but it's better than nothing until playlists are supported.

Will run some more testing to see if this really works...

Have tried various thumb drives with the Tesla with mixed results. My 64 GB thumb drive worked fine with a few GB of music on it, but when I added more files with my MacBook Pro, I now get the perpetually spinning circle, even after leaving the drive in for hours, and can't play music from it anymore.

I got a new 128 GB thumb drive and put a bunch of FLAC and MP3 files on it with my MacBook Pro. Now the Tesla thinks there are two copies of each song on the disk -- one that it can play and one that it can't. Skipping manually over every second song is annoying. When I examine the thumb drive on my computer, there is only one copy of each song. Any ideas?

I didn't do any formatting on the new Kingston HyperX thumb drive - just using it the way it came out of the package.

My only suggestion would be to format your thumb drives in FAT32 and use a Windows based computer to transfer the music. That's what I do and everything plays normally.

Any updates on this? I would love to scramble my entire 1000 hr music collection.

Better support may be in the upcoming version 6 software

Thanks bp

I don't believe it will ever be implemented. The hard drive is much more useful to use for buffering Google Maps data.
Throw the music on a USB stick and there you go.

Yeah, the rapid embiggening of USB capacities made the car's drive obsolete for music storage. Better used for Nav, as noted.

@KidDoc - Tesla specifically dropped the idea of an internal stored music feature around the v5.0 release. It's no longer listed as a feature in the options page. As others have pointed out, a USB drive is a better way to do this anyway.

I ripped (Roxio is the app I used) all of my 500 CDs and all of my own music (I compose and have a musical opening in NY in May) and saved them to a 128 G thumb drive (Office Depot internet was sale selling them for $49). That process worked great. I also bought a Sony Walkman, and connected a blue tooth transmitter to the S USB port and that plays great too. The sound is similar enough with the upgraded sound system to be comfortable. Seems that Tesla decided that a CD changer was old technology. The computer did all the work, though it took quite a while. At first the bluetooth transmitter wouldn't work, but Tesla upgraded the bluetooth connectivity and it does work fine now.

@mantin - You ought to challenge @robert to a composer duel. I'd pay to watch and see how it goes down...

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