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Anyone selling a set of 19" wheels?

Looking to buy a second set of wheels for winter use...if anyone changes their mind on their 19" wheels, I am interested in buying them.

Look on the Model S Forum

You might let the Service Center know your looking case another customer tells them.

FYI, the local Tesla service center now has several sets of slightly used 19" wheels for sale. These are ones which were delivered with cars for which their 21" wheels were on backorder. They are selling the set of 4 - wheels, all season radials & sensors (which cost $125 each) for $1000 total. I plan to use the wheels to replace my 21" with winter tires during the season and the price is hard to beat.

Denver Tesla service center now has one set of 19" wheels and tires. I bought a set today for $1000 as calbeach95 says. The tires have about 7/32 of tread left.

I'm still looking to buy a set of 19" tires and wheels too. I'm near DC.


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