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Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)


You must be Gramps. I'm only 72 and I'm getting my Model S today.

I think I responded to this thread last year, so shouldn't be included in the average.

I guess this my mid-life crisis car. My wife now says she should get a makeover so I can call her my trophy wife.

I guess I must be Young Grampa since I'll be 80 in January 2014 and am trading in my SL500 for a "Senior Citizen" electric touring car.


Original inquiry to Tesla sales @ age 25, ordered 2 days after my 27th birthday shortly after my Mercedes was totaled. We can thank Apple and their App Store (which is currently down for developers).




51, ordered the day after my b-day which was last Saturday.


46, turning 27 next year when the MS arrives later this year ;D

Don - You need to join if you haven't already.


26 and African American

28 here :) Taking delivery on Monday. Just sold my BMW 335i convertible today that I got when I was 23 directly from Munich. The delivery of the Tesla from CA TO TX is far more exciting :)

52 ordered 4 days before my birthday. No MLC here, just want to step into 21st Century with this transformational product. "To infinity and beyond".

24 here... First test drive is on Saturday! Hoping to trade in my Volt for an 85 in the fall. Maybe I'll be 25 by then.


Finalized my reservation on my 39th birthday. Had it for one week now and LOVE IT!

44 1/2



73, and it is my second Tesla.
Had a Roadster Sport for 3 years.

57. Car is in production now.
85S, pano, hwpc, air suspension, tech,sound, brown...yippeeeee

29 :D

Deposit at 60 when stock was $24...

12 :)

meant 17 :) (hit 2 by mistake)

33, and female :)





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