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backseat organizer?

Has anyone purchased a backseat organizer? If so, do you have a pic/description?


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No but the menlo park location had a prototype in one of the test drive cars last weekend. Essentially, it was a duplicate of the Center Console model that people have been ripping on about the expensive price tag. It was clear to me but it was somehow attached to the middle back seat.

It actually looked quite nice if you can stomach the expense.

@Kevonandmarion: They had something similar to what you're describing at the Hawthorne Get Amped event in July. Doesn't sound like they've put a lot of effort into this. That may be one of the cars from the original test drive events. I'm finding that I personally don't have the need for this type of storage. Before I received my car, I thought it would be a real sore point...not so much now!

If you only have two kids in the back seat on a road trip or something, since there's no drive shaft, it might be cool if there was some kind of organizer you could put on the floor as well. That way the middle seat stay free just the added comfort of extra room, and you could use it as a surface for playing, setting things beside you, etc.

When roadtripping with the kids we typicallyarein the wife's minivan. My concern in the back seat is when we are going out to dinner with another couple of adults. The lack of center arm rest is abit annoying.

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