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Charging in / near Landsdowne, VA

Next week, I am staying at the Landsdowne Conference Center in Landsdowne, VA (next to Leesburg). The hotel has no charing options (they couldn't even offer a 110 outlet near a parking space). lists options that are not very close. Anyone live near there and know of a charging station in the area? Thanks.

Register for Plugshare. There's a private plug in Landsdowne. Alamo Drafthouse a few miles away also. You can also search for nearby RV parks for a "50 amp" outlet.


Try here:

Older post - chargers are now operational. Unfortunately, they are frequently ICE'd. Otherwise check Plugshare, you should find plenty options available.

Thanks folks! I have heard of plugshare but didn't know what it was. I'll check it out. Love the Tesla forum! Hope I can repay the favor sometime.

Half an hour away is the Tysons Corner Tesla "gallery" store, which has an HPWC. What about calling them and spending an evening topping off there?

I live in Herndon and has a 240V 50A outlet in the garage. You are more than welcome to use it.

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