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Colorado Insurance Options?

I get my S in a few weeks. Does anyone have information on who has the best insurance deals in our state. My quote from Met Life is a little over $2k/year.

Everything depends on your carrier and bundled policies, from my experience. State Farm gave us $1,400 per year, but we have other policies with them, too.

I got a rate of about 1500 per year from AmFam since I have all my policies with them. I was told this might not hold on 6 month renewal however...If not I move all policies.

I changed from State Auto to SafeCo and mine is a bundled situation as well - I shopped and State Farm was higher so I stayed with my current broker - 4 cars and a home policy, Tesla was a titch over $1000/year with full glass coverage:

Provider Tesla Subaru Benz Toyota Month Annual Home
State Farm $1,007.16 $812.64 $540.60 $120.00 $206.70 $1,023.00

SafeCo $1,028.50 $418.60 $372.90 $113.00 $161.08 $1,001.00

A few warnings - most agents have no clue about this vehicle. They often quote the Roadster because it is the only vehicle in their "drop down" menu. They also do not credit that it is low/no repair on mechanical apects, impossible to steal, and more safety features than any other luxury car of this type.

I did lots of research and found many unwilling to insure this because it was not your typical sedan - just plain lazy, I guess.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

+1 Rod-- on the agents mostly being clueless. I took my agent out for a ride to help explain the vehicle to him.

Kevin - Good approach! So much of todays rates are set by internet and e-mail exchanges and I try to break thus mold as well. I just did not have the energy to teach the 7 providers thta initially responded to my request for rates. I did, however, find an agent who had an owner with a Model S so someone did the initial work for me.

I think this will get easier as more cars show up in Colorado!

I contacted USAA yesterday and added my 60 to our policy. It added $581 to our 6-month premium.

i heard Farmers can get you a way better rate, thats where im going a buddy of mine got his for cheap so whamm. his agent is
carlos palacios
just in case anyone wants to give him a call, good guy so Farmers it is for me.

FYI to all. I ended up moving my entire package to Encompass. All in all, I'm paying about the same as I was before, even with full coverage on my S60.

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