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Colorado Super Charger LocationS

As best I can tell by these maps, it looks like there will be 2 Super Chargers along I-70 west of Denver. One looks close to Golden/Evergreen and another on the west side of the Eisenhouser Tunnel (Vail?). But these locations are not specified as of this time, at least from what I've seen.

I think these 2 locations would be perfect.

That first one looks a little more like Idaho Springs to me. That would be a better spot I think.

Idaho Springs would be better. Near Beau Jo's Pizza would be best.

The first is in Vail at the Mountain Haus. At least, that's what a reliable source told me. I think the second is Glenwood Springs if you overlay a roadmap on that fuzzy supercharger map. A couple of members at TMC have done the overlay. Anybody want to do a permit search?

I don't know why TM just doesn't provide a list by name of these locations plotted on the fuzzy map. Maybe they have not identified the exact locations yet, just the towns, so they don't want to get too far ahead of themselves. Sometime with TM it seems they like to tease us with stuff like these maps.

I stopped by the Park Meadows Store today and asked about the I-70 corridor Super Charger locations. I was told they will be in Frisco and Glenwood Springs.

I hope you're right. Frisco would be a better location than Vail for the 60 kWh cars. The funny thing is that my "reliable source" also is from the Store.

Frisco is a good spot for going to the mountains. Idaho Springs is probably too close to Denver.

The first CO supercharger will be just off I-70 at the edge of Idaho Springs, but Tesla can't announce it yet because the real estate transaction hasn't been completed. I got this info from a very reliable, connected source.

That is funny. 3 different reliable sources with 3 different answers. I agree with @jeffaa, Idaho Springs is too close to Denver and too far from what looks like the other location, Glenwood Springs.

Actually, even though I was told Frisco and Glenwood Springs by a source at the store, I never said the information was reliable. Hence, by default this information is probably the most accurate :)

Well, I'm not naming names, but my reliable source is more reliable than yours...

...unless they were willfully spreading disinformation, of course. ;-)

Regardless, It will be easy to head through the mountains now... P.S. my reliable source said around Copper Mountain.... Also works at Park Meadows.. She did say that she didn't want to reveal any company proprietary info... and the suspense continues....

The people at the Denver Service Center that I have talked to claim that they don't know the SC location, which is probably true.

If I lived up along I-70 in the mountains, I would be periodically checking some of the exits in likely locations for construction activity in existing parking lots.

One way or another, we should know soon.

We can certainly check out Exit 240 at the West end of Idaho Springs tomorrow (June 8) as we arrive for the Mt. Evans Tesla Rally!

I heard from a friend whose son is the Asst. Town Manager in Silverthorne that there is a Supercharger going in at the Outlets at Silverthorne. Anyone able to scout it for us?

That location is 85 miles from my home in Broomfield and on the far side of the Eisenhower Tunnel, so it's a lot more useful than the rumored Idaho Springs location. For instance, it would make an Aspen round trip via Independence Pass possible using the Supercharger only, for an 85. Taos would be right on the edge of possibility at 259 miles from the Supercharger, but there's a KOA near Alamosa if you wanted to make a short stop to add a bit more range.

If they add another Supercharger at Glenwood Spgs, as rumor has it, then all of a sudden Moab is in range for 85's starting on the Front Range, with a single charging stop; you'd just have to find a place to charge overnight in Moab to get back to the Glenwood Supercharger.

I hear Silverthorne is planned for Aug/Sept & Glenwood Springs soon after that.

A place with the word "outlet" in its name is hilariously appropriate for a place to plug your car in :-)
I guess all the Super Chargers are factory outlets.

Has anyone been there lately? I'm wondering when it will be open. August would be great!

Apparently the Siverthorne supercgarge will be going into the "Green Village"
Source: June/July Silverthorne Newsletter.
I did not find any building permits issued yet.

I stopped in Silverthorne on Thursday. In the overflow lot north of Under Armour you can see a bunch of utility locates painted on the asphalt, but no signs of construction yet. I posted some photos over on TMC.

It was my first time to the western slope through the Eisenhower tunnel, and back: round trip of 174.5 miles at an average of 271 Wh/mi in my Sig S with 19" wheels and tires. Not bad, since we were not babying it up the hills.

Stevez- I did the same drive with my daughter today. 152 miles roundtrip that used up 154 miles of estimated range. I stopped in at the management office & they said the location by Under Armour is correct. The utility markings did have "s/c" painted on the asphalt. The management office said insurance and contractors were still being worked out. Here's my pic link:

Great work Guys,

Can't wait to see Silverthorne, Co 47miles, in my list of Supercharger sites, vs. 832 in CA.

Thanks for keeping tabs on progress, Kevin. Were those 154 miles you used Rated miles, or Ideal?

152 real miles (using 154 of the Rated miles)
Like you, I enjoyed the acceleration on the uphill parts and made no modifications to me driving style

Coming back:
I had 95 rated miles exiting the Eisenhower tunnel
I had 95 rated miles at the base of Floyd Hill
& 74 rated miles when I got home (taking 470 to Highlands Ranch)

Driving downhill in the S is so relaxing: you just engage the cruise control and let regen braking do the rest. And at one point near Idaho Springs on the way back down the Energy graph showed a 30-mile average of minus 3 Wh/mi. Gotta love that!

Check out my 'minus' (this was coming down Mt. Evans).

I checked out the Silverthorne supercharger location Sunday evening, August 4, on the way back from the mountains. No construction activity yet except the same utility locates that were there a month ago.

Any progress to report on the Silverthorne Supercharger build out?

In related news, one of our local Colorado owners and a friend of his are moving forward with plans to install 70A J1772 chargers in Salida and Pagosa Springs. They'll utilize an honor system payment scheme in an effort t break even.

I called the Outlet management office late lasy week. No construction activity yet but the expect in the next few weeks. I am hoping for my October Fremont & San Diego road trip.

Steve, will you post details when installed? I'm up for putting some money in the pot.

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