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As a future owner in Colorado, I am investigating the tax incentives for purchasing a Roadster and I have some questions.  Here is a link to the relevant description of the tax credit:

It appears that there is an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit" which is 85% (for ZEV) of the price difference between the cost of the vehicle and the cost of the "same or most similar vehicle that uses a traditional fuel".  Most of the examples cited are for hybrids which also have a similar gasoline-only version.  But no such version exists for the Roadster (obviously).  So, what is the most similar traditional vehicle?  A 2007 Lotus Elise?  This vehicle has an MSRP around $46,000.  So, by that logic, would the credit be 85% * (101,000 - 46,000) = $46,750?  If that is correct, I could buy an Elise with the tax savings.  If anyone can clarify how this credit should be computed, please share your view.

Hi Tom- Welcome! The signatures are both performance and nonperformance. If you compare the Motor Trend stats I think they should be called "Performance" & "Wicked Performance". I test drove both. Last I checked in at Park Meadows they had one of each. I went for the performance....& pano roof

The stock is still heavily shorted & a short squeeze may be coming. There is a lot to review on the Model S forum & TMC forums.

I have the non-Wicked Performance Sig S with 19" wheels. ;-)

I thoroughly enjoy it in every aspect. Either way you choose to go, it's a great car.

Delivery finalized for Friday November 30 at 5pm. Signature Performance Red. I am planning to have a party. If interested in stopping by feel free to contact me.

Party? Where?
Congrats, too.

Party at my place near downtown Denver email me for invite.

Congrats!! Can't wait to be cruising around with fellow Coloradians in our Teslas.

Chort67- Congratulations on your "new arrival" tomorrow.

Well the following question should tell you a lot about the car :)

Has anyone had a radar detector custom installed in their Model S yet (or plan to) ? Any recommendations? I'm very nervous about having someone take my car apart. I did have a Passport 9500 CSI installed by PDA in the Denver Tech Center in my BMW 550I. I thought they did a good job and they are removing it today. Overall it is a great system and only failed me once. A friend recommended Brian at Excalibur. Does anyone have any other radar detector suggestions?

To all who are waiting, you can spend a lot of time reading the forums to pass the time and gain some good information (like getting a car loan from Pen Fed for 1.49% very easy process too), BUT...words literally cannot describe the car or the experience.





Some folks have reported difficulty with garage door openers and toll road transponders (possibly due to metallic coatings on the windshield), so going with external sensors may be the ticket (to no tickets)

Federal Tax Credit for EV's: Tesla S = $7500
Colorado: Go to Income 67 Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit. (Currently "Under Review" for some reason) Last time I looked the document was available and the Tesla S credit should be $6000. Actually, found a copy of the old document at:

tezco- exactly what my accountants said if I take delivery in 2012

When I got my email last night to potentially take delivery in December (1-2 months early), I tried to confirm CO had the $6k credit and saw this same "under review". That, coupled with the fact I recently made a large Fed tax payment, essentially negating any chance of the Fed credit for 2012, I said NO to the opportunity from TM. I am nervous, but hopeful for 2013 that Congress and Colorado will have all this settled soon so I can plan accordingly. What a mess.

Jason at PDA Gear in Littleton did an excellent installation of the Passport 9500.

Delivery window is 12/20-01/03. I've got that smile....

The CO credit is refundable so that is a big deal. If you calculate $5,000 in tax and have $3,000 paid in, the state would send you a check for $4,000. Nice. The fed credit is definitely at risk for 2013. I'm in the biz and behind the scenes there is some serious horse trading going to happen and no one knows where it will end up.

@Velo1, if you have a large payment, you should need the credit more not less.

Crow, thanks but I am all caught up, probably close to getting a small refund for both Feds and State.

Let us know if you get any scope on CO's 2013 situation. Thanks in advance

Well, I had a complete misunderstanding about the Fed Tax Credit. When I read if you owe $7500, I took it to mean if I under paid my taxes up 7500 that I could claim the credit. I now realize "owe" means if you owe at least a total of 7500 in taxes you can claim the credit. So I called Tesla and told them I changed my mind and would like early delivery in December. They said I should know within a week if they can do tis for me. It's been 3 days and no DELIVERY button on my dashboard yet.

Bummer, Velo1, that you may have lost your early delivery window because of a misunderstanding. Any news?

Yes, I was originally scheduled for Jan/Feb window, but when finally I talked to TM about taking December delivery, they put me on the list, but you snooze to loose. They can't do December, due to volume of cars in front of me, but I am set for Jan 14-28th. Not much of an improvement over my original window. So I will have two Christmas' within the next 30 days. I am more excited for the mid-to-late January present coming.

FYI, I had to call TM 3 times and send 3 emails before I received any response. I know they are busy, but I feel they are simply overextended. I just hope quality control doesn't take a back seat with TM pushing out as many cars as they can in December. Maybe late January will be a blessing. We shall see.

Update on my previous posts:

1. TM was great in helping me insure I could get the Fed Tax Credit and CO credit for 2012, as I just completed all the financing and paperwork with a personal check to TM for the balance not financed. So I just got in under the wire, even though my car is 1-2 weeks from delivery. VIN 3271.

2. I just looked and CO updated their Innovative Motor Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit, re-upping for a $6,000 credit.

Here is the link to the CO form:

Happy New Year!

I am reading the CO document linked above. Strange, but they list the Tesla Roadster, but not the Model S. I assume the Model S qualifies. Do any of you folks know for certain? Crow? Tezco?

It's too new for the state to have figured that one out yet. They will but they move pretty slowly.

Just reserved yesterday!
Happy New Year

Welcome Amped

I'm in!
Reserved 12/31/12

Very cool. Still waitibng to see my first S on the road (from the inside of mine)

Me too. The only one I've seen is a test drive car and mine. The weirdness is that I know how celebrities feel when they are chased by paparazzi. So many people have taken pictures and videos, I am expecting my car to show up on TMZ.


^This poses a problem for me, as I am in the witness protection program.

(not really, just killing time waiting for my delivery next week).

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