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As a future owner in Colorado, I am investigating the tax incentives for purchasing a Roadster and I have some questions.  Here is a link to the relevant description of the tax credit:

It appears that there is an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit" which is 85% (for ZEV) of the price difference between the cost of the vehicle and the cost of the "same or most similar vehicle that uses a traditional fuel".  Most of the examples cited are for hybrids which also have a similar gasoline-only version.  But no such version exists for the Roadster (obviously).  So, what is the most similar traditional vehicle?  A 2007 Lotus Elise?  This vehicle has an MSRP around $46,000.  So, by that logic, would the credit be 85% * (101,000 - 46,000) = $46,750?  If that is correct, I could buy an Elise with the tax savings.  If anyone can clarify how this credit should be computed, please share your view.

Good thing work is a good distraction 9 months is a wait.
What color did you all go with, or are pondering?
I'm leaning towards black

I got the Blue SP-- It appears black in the shade & has a nice deep blue tint in the Colorado sunshine. I don't think photographs can do the color choices justice.

@KevinR - I, too, am getting the Bluetiful. I saw it up close and personal at the Get Amped event and had no doubt on my color choice from that point. I ordered the grey leather, too. Should be here in a week, which feels like forever.

Still waiting to see another S driving around. Contacted today by a vehicle delivery company wanting to know when I wanted to take delivery. I told them unless I was getting a 2 for the price of 1 deal I really was happy with the car I got over a week ago. She said they had 8 vehicles for delivery in Denver....

Saw my first model s in the wild in evergreen a few weeks ago. It was red but haven't seen it since. Maybe I was hallucinating. Also noticed that the evergreen walgreen's has a charger, although I have no idea if it will work for model s.


Got my invitation to configure my Model S today! I have a few questions before I finalize, I'll do a quick search.

Oh and I'm 17,744, reserved 12/31/12. Didn't expect to get this email for another couple of months!

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