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Denver to Vegas to Fremont to San Diego & Back in a Tesla

Renamed the thread for future blog use.... If anyone has recommendations they are welcome.

Hopefull the supecharger is "up" in Silverthorne. Plan to do KOA charging at Grand Junction, Richfield, and briefly at St. George. The trip is mid-October & I will post on the experience.

I'm doing this trip in late February 2014, weather permitting. Look forward to KevinR's report.

The KOA in Richfield closes for the Winter on October 30th. I will inquire about other options that might be available in Feb. Sounds like the Silverthorne & Glenwood Springs will have the superchargers up by then.

Well the road trip begins Saturday morning.

Denver to Richfield
Richfield to Vegas
Vegas to Fremont (touring the mothership)
Fremont to San Diego
San Diego back to Denver.

I will blog progress on this thread.

Good luck... have fun!

Awesome trip, best wishes. Enjoy

10:00 AM Finishing my Silverthorne charge. Beautiful start to the road trip.

Live blogging here?

yep. 12:00 Range charging at Glenwood. Dodge ram truck occupying one space, looks like he pulled in till his front bumper hit the charging pedestal.

Guess you're on your way to Richfield? Where is the next stop? Or if most if it is downhill, you might not need to recharge before Richfield?

Too bad we can't track your progress with an app like MotionX,, or something similar. I use MotionX for bicycle events with a group of cycling buddies. For long-day events (>100 miles) we often get separated, somewhat. We each activate Location services on our iPhone, and the person supporting us can see us individually with an iPad.

Thanks for the progress report KevinR.

1530 charging at KOA Grand Junction. $10 charge for cars. Dressage competition at the Mesa County Fairgrounds next door. MUCH prefer the superchargers.

230 miles to Richfield

The Grand Junction KOA was 3 hours of charging. I charged 20 miles over my destination and left. Could not describe them as friendly

Arrived at Richfield KOA with 20 miles range left. Had arranged for cabin and plugged in. No internet for most of this leg.

Plugged in last night at 2130 hrs and charging completed at 630 this morning.

charging for a few hours at Cedar City KOA, they are friendly. average KOA charge with 50 amp outlet is 28/mi/hr 237v 40A. When the wireless is lost the Google maps and Slacker go away but the navigation remains.

Just curious where you will charge in Vegas? We will probably charge at the KOA at Circus Circus. We plan to Drive to San Diego many times in the future. Enjoy your trip and keep up on the progress.

2200 hrs. Staying at the Palazzo. Valet parking took the car this afternoon & reminded me to check my app to see charge progress. It is charging at 40 amps-- the charging is "free" but the valet & hotel room is not. Have seen about 4 Ss going in and out of the Palazzo this afternoon. I gained about 20 miles from Cedar City to Vegas, with a strong headwind. I suspect going back I will lose a bunch with the rise in elevation. I plan to range charge at the Palazzo before heading up to Cedar City on Saturday. Tomorrow I hook into the CA SC network & head to Fremont.

1100 hrs Charging at Barstow and eating at Chili's. CORRECTION Valet & Charging at the Palazzo is FREE. I left a decent tip. Plan to charge there on the way back.

1700 hrs Charging at Harris Ranch. Had an excellent rib eye dinner while charging. onward to Fremont.

1930 hrs Charging at Gilroy. Only one here. 4 bays open with 6 more being built. It is more convenient to not rely on range charging. Tomorrow bringing paper towels for the winshield bug juice.

1045 Fremont

factory tour was awesome....

Very cool.

1530 Charging at Atascadero Highest vin I saw at Fremont was 22206. They showed us Elon's desk on the factory floor. Tour guide did admit if Elon were sitting there he would not likely point it out to the tour :o)

1730 hrs Buelton supercharger. Next stop Hawthorne. This is a great car for road trips (once the SC network is in place)

Charged at Hawthorne last night. The design center was closed when I arrived at 9. Refilled my water bottle at SpaceX. Now in San Diego suffering through sunshine and 80+ degrees. Will blog the journey back starting Saturday. Picked up one of the new keyfob slippers.

@Kevin- Good luck on your return trip. Just remember, if you show up late at Glenwood, you might be ICE'd.

The first weekend Glenwood was operational, all 6 spots were ICE'd at 10 pm on both Friday and Saturday.

It hanks for the trip reports, KevinR.

I wonder if the Glenwood host hotel would consider deploying some orange cones in front of the Supercharger stalls. It wouldn't stop everyone, but it might help keep all six bays from being ICE'd every night.

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