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Easiest way to remove the glue residue on the inside of the front windshield (temp dmv paper)

Hi -

I noticed this on another S I walked past tonight... when I got my real license plates and removed the sticker from the windshield, it didn't really come off very well and left a ton of glue residue behind on the glass.

Note to tesla: I haven't had this on other cars, you might want to consider a different kind of plastic cover that doesn't use real glue... and leaves a sticky mess behind.

Anyway, clearly other people have this as well and I am curious what you used to remove the glue afterwards? Maybe this is silly but I am just worried that there's some coating on the windshield and I would mess it up or so.


Normally, I would suggest Goof-Off, but don't know how that might play with the windshield coating.


Simple rubbing alcohol and a cloth worked for me, just like any other stickers. I'd keep Goof-Off away from the car...

One reason they use real glue is to make sure you destroy the paper when removing it, so it can't be illegally transferred.

Blue oxy dish washing soap. Just spread some on the glue and wait a few minutes.

OK - thanks for tips. I used a little bit of rubbing alcohol and it was gone in a few seconds. all clean now. yay :)

Do NOT try Goof-off..makes a mess. Rubbing alcohol works great.

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