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Elon takes on Texas...tweets for help...

From his twitter acct: "Auto dealers in Texas are trying to stop Tesla. Would appreciate your help in fighting for what's right"

Followed by "If you support Tesla in Texas, please contact your state Senate or House member. Free enterprise!"

This is a good article about why Tesla Motors should be allowed to sell its cars directly to customers.

One thing I found striking about the Megafactories tour of the Tesla Factory is that the final assembly was shown as being done by hand.

If all US final assembly is always done in California, then there's roughly a three day delay shipping to the east coast. That's sort of irrelevant with the multi-month delays between placing a reservation and taking delivery as has been happening, but if the backlog gets reduced near 0, that three day lag may get annoying.

I bet that shipping the 26 or 27 different body color / roof combinations, the different interiors, the different tires, etc to various factories closer to various buyers that only do final assembly, in quantities that reflect estimated expected orders, would allow for a faster experience, and it looks like this would allow all of the robotic steps to still happen at the main Tesla Factory.


"...Why you would build that (a Tesla pickup truck [sic] ) in a different factory (in Texas [sic])..."

Well as the good preacher says if you want converts, you won't find them preaching to the choir in church in Cali. They are already converted.

Instead you got to go to where the carbonated heathens are in the belly of the beast where those suffocating wanton hydrocarbon ICE lovers are, and that's Texas.

Houston is good. They have smog problems there. Lots of convert potential.

As an added bonus, Houston Space Center area may have lots of aerospace engineers for hiring into SpaceX.

@Tesluthian: good point.
Now that you mention smog, SpaceX and Texas in one post, I couldn't help but think about the sizeable testfacility SpaceX has in McGregor,Texas.
It seems like Elon already donated enough smog to Texas to offset a full years worth of Tesla output ;-)


Thnx for Vid. Not up on all SpaceX stuff and plans.

Did I read at one time SpaceX was considering Brownsville, Tx as a launch point? All the way at the southeast tip of Tx by the coast. Not heavily populated.

Is the strategy launching rockets to do so over water in case something goes wrong it falls back down into the water rather than populated land ? Houston is actually a bad launch area, lots of oil refinery facilities their for an errant rocket to hit. Needs to be hurricane proof as well.

On rocket pollution, Elon did admit that even he couldn't build an electric space rocket. Maybe next century.

Take off is hard on electrics, but look up VASIMR. Or ion engines.

"Once in orbit, you're halfway to anywhere in the solar system."

@ Brian, also worth mentioning the Hall effect thruster.

Maybe someone here can help me review this. I went through the entire presentation and it seems sound to me... (the only problem is that I'm an attorney not an engineer, I must admit I'm way out of my depth here).

Is this description of a propellantless space propulsion engine for real or just the ramblings of another charlatan on the internet?

I'm in Texas, so I wrote to my own representative and senator. It helps when it comes from a constituent.

Meanwhile, I got to do a test drive last month the Texas stop-gap way: by meeting a Tesla Model S owner and driving his car. He was very generous in sharing, and the car itself is even more impressive in person.

I bet some owner could make out like a bandit by selling 1-hr test drives for $200.

Anyone know what the status of this is now?

It looks like Elon isn't waiting for the outcome! We may have to start a new thread: Elon takes on the rest of the US.

Both bills are "left pending in committee" as of now. Most likely DOA for this session as neither have been added to any future meeting agendas.

Dealers want a piece of the action, no matter how small the car company. Tesla is big money already. Got to go franchise at some point. I think if they give a metric for when that will happen, might avoid more legal action.

Not sure going federal will be best option. Takes time. Dealers in big sale states can shut it down right away.

I like Elon's idea to build a truck factory in Texas, although I'm sure the Ford Motor Company isn't too thrilled...stay tuned!

Elon may bump this to a Federal level:

No dealers. I, for one, do NOT want to have to deal with car salesmen EVER again.

Update - HB3351 was modified to limit sales to 5,000 cars/year to avoid a "dealership". It passed out of committee and will be heard on the floor...

Well, that's something at least. Obviously not ideal, but that should tide Tesla over for a while as they continue to pursue other avenues.

If that's for the whole country, it's worthless.

I think that 5,000 cars/year is not good enough, they should change that number into 50,000 cars/year. More would be even better.

It's 5,000 cars/year for the State of Texas, not for the whole country.

Well, it would be OK for the first three years (2013, 2014, 2015), but after that (as from 2016) that number must be raised to a much higher level.

It's a start. Once Tesla has its foot in the door though...............

Elon is already talking about a "hybrid" dealership model if sales exceed a certain level nationwide. From a Seeking Alpha article by "Oneil Trader":
"CEO Elon Musk is battling against dealers in courts, as he wants to sell electric vehicles directly to the public through factory stores. If he can't win at the state level, he will make a federal case. The battles are costly, and although Musk agrees that it would be cheaper to use the franchise system, he doesn't trust the dealers, because a large part of their sales comes from gasoline-powered vehicles. However, Musk would consider a hybrid retail network (a mix of company-owned and dealer-owned stores), when Tesla's volume reaches 1 percent of U.S. new car sales. And according to Musk, that might happen in 2017 or 2018, when Tesla might introduce a lower-priced third generation car."

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