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In Europe one cannot buy a Tesla Model S with a 40 kWh battery pack Would it be possible to buy one in US and take it to Europe?

For somebody who does not really need an EV with a very long range, but still would like to have a (second hand) Tesla Model S. Has anybody from Europe thought of having a (second hand) Tesla Model S 40 kWh shipped from the US? I know there are many if's, but would it be possible to realise? And would it still be affordable as well?

I did - it is quite complicated: They don't sell for export, so you have to register the car in the US first. Also, TM told me that I lose the warranty on export. You also have different GSM Modules, different charging adapters and plugs and you need to make changes on the car (fog tail light, yellow blinkers etc.).

Get a 60kWh-Euro-Car - you will be happy!

@ LarsT

OK, thanks for the information, good to know this.

So, now you own a Tesla Model S 40 with a 40 kWh battery pack.

Lars, would you please contact me on my email-adress:

There are a few things I would like to ask you about this operation. Thanks.


I think you misunderstood Lars. He does not have a 40kwh car - there is o such thing yet. Not a single 40kwh car has been built. He was trying to say that your idea does not make much sense and by the time you add all the other costs associated with bringing the 40kwh to Europe you might as well buy a brand new 60wkh European version of the car.

Well, Lars started by saying: "I did", and later on he did not deny it, so therefore I have misunderstood him.

So, when will they manufacture the Tesla Model S with 40 kWh battery?

@Benz - 40kWh production is supposed to start in March:


He did "thought of". He didn't do. Because there are none to do it with/to. Capisce?

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