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Ez pass problems

My ez pass is not being recognized since placing it in my model s, was fine in the BMW. Worked when holding it out the passenger window. Anyone else experiencing this, any theories?

I have used the Florida sunpass now for two weeks under the rear view base and seems to be working all the time. Have not had any violations show up on my activity report. I hope it continues to work...

Whoever suggested placing EZ Pass tag on the black plastic part that attaches the mirror to the windshield, thanks! Works flawlessly!

@bp and others:

I have two AVI type stickers (RFID flat sticker mounts), one for the Georgia toll roads (Peach Pass) and one for my work garage.

It took some experimentation, but as a couple of other people already note (and I thought I was going to be the first), I have slide each of them under the black plastic housing of the rear view mirror. I have NOT removed the backing for the sticky side. I think they will stay, or I may use a small piece of double stick tape.

I have tested each, they both work great now. I can post or send pics if anyone needs them.

The peach pass sticker is long and thin, that one is almost completely hidden under the plastic housing.

The work garage AVA is credit card sized and the main part is under the housing (and pushed up under the fabric above) and about 1/3 is exposed.

But it all works!

It would have been very helpful if Tesla had given us easier access to under the nose or the front part of the roof (the 7" wide or so strip that runs between the windshield and the pano roof).

Our new Los Angeles FastTrak needs to be mounted somewhere convenient, because our transponders have a switch to set how many people are in the car, as HOV access/charges on the 110 and 10 freeways varies for time of day and number of passengers.

Fortunately, the spot next to the rearview mirror seems to be working ok for me.

I was faced with the problem of ALSO having an RFID credit-card-style parking pass for work. I was going to just live with swapping it and the FastTrak as needed (fortunately my FastTrak use is mostly on the weekends), but I discovered that velcroing it to the inside of the small triangle of glass at the front part of the driver door works. You could not fit a FastTrak/EZpass there, but for card-style transponders this appears to be an option.

I solved my Model EzPass problem. As others instruct, I place the ezpass right up against the fabric headliner, to the right of the stem that attaches the rearview mirror. But I have two big blobs of sticky tack on each side of the ezpass, so i can pop it up there when i am going on the turnpike or through a tunnel requiring the ezpass. when I'm done it pops right off. works like a charm. on and off easily.

I had all the problems everyone else has until i did this...

I live in South Florida. We have Sunpass. You can buy a special Sunpass and mount it in the front inside of the car. You have to order it. The Tesla service center did the install for me for free. Works fine and you do not see it. Why clutter the inside of the car?

I was just issued the black bar license plate type like in photo by NickJHowe by Dallas NTTA tollway operators in nort Texas. They gave me a sheet to go to 2 Speedee Oil Change locations to have it installed. The license plate mounted transponder was originally brought to NTTA for Mercedes owners. They have the same coated windshields that are used as antennas for the radio.

I told the lady Tesla said they would install it for me. I have an appointment at the Service Center 17 Jan 2014.

It doesn't read a NTTA tag properly when placed behind the nosecone on the bumper. I had Jack at the Service Center put my first one there but it doesn't read properly.

You have to have them mount it on the exterior of the grillwork with toggle bolts or zip ties and then it will read properly. Jack knows which spot gives reliable reads for the pictured 'license plate' device.

He said mine would be put in front of the grille and because it is black it doesn't show. I said mine is the bar like in the picture not installed like in the picture.

I've tried everything and I still have problems in PA and NJ. I placed the interior transponder all over the windshield and nowhere did it work. It will work if I hold the transponder outside the window as I approach the toll gate. So I got a bumper transponder from the NJ Port Authority and had my Tesla Service Center install it with adhesive, behind the nose cone. I just went on the PA Turnpike and it did not read the transponder. I don't know what to do at this point. You can't believe how many violation notices I've received and have had to deal with.

@Mboni: Have you registered your license plate number with EZ-Pass (or whichever toll tag you use)? They can read the plate number and debit your account without penalty.

Duct tape the transponder to your roof?


@Jthompson there is no external "green" EZ pass transponder for NY

I'm not from NY but I mounted mine on the passenger side of the inside rear view mirror. Mounting on the driver's side didn't work. That's in the black dotted area just below the roof.

Mount it on top of the rear view mirror - not on the windshield at all, but on the flat surface at the top of the mirror. Has worked every time since I did this -

I recommend going with the NY EZPass system even if you don't live in New York. But you have to ask for the front license plate mounted transponder. They sent me the exterior front license plate transponder based on a single call to customer service! I didn't have to return the windshield mounted transponder and they didn't charge me anything. They also will send you new transponders every five years without you having to even request them. In contrast (I live in Massachusetts) the FastLane, now EZPass Massachusetts service is horrendous. They want you to wrap your old transponder in foil and send it in and wait for two weeks while they "test" it to determine if it needs to replaced or if they will send you a new one. They never offered an exterior transponder.

I had an old style EZ Pass (squarish looking thing) from NY EZ pass which I used when I worked in NJ. It was fine in the Tesla mounted under the mirror. A couple of months ago I got a new one from Delaware since I travel in PA and DE much more than I do in NJ and NY now. That one ( about half the width of the old EZ Pass but thicker) does not work. I sent it back to DE and got a new one which also doesn't work when mounted in the same location as the NY one. I'm using the old EZ Pass from NY and everything seems fine. Still, this is an issue that the folks at Tesla should resolve. We don't want to jump through hoops to do something that every other car can do easily.

Friends, I have been working on this issue for over two years.
I am the Vehicle Specialist for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority's Pikepass System. After extensive testing, this is what I know:

The "Cut-Out" (The shaded area to the right of the mirror-module) in te 2012 & 2013 models does not work sufficiently to allow most toll transponders to work correctly. (Your tolling Authority is likely pulling their hair out over your account) I brought this to the attention of George Blankenship at Tesla and his office confirmed the problem in early 2013. Based on my preliminary tests of the 2014 Model S, this field has been redesigned to allow significant improvement in transponder performance. It's not perfect but it is much better than before.

To answer several questions addressed in this thread:
* The roof panel is Infrared Reflective as well so the transponder will no work in this location.
* Attaching an external transponder behind the nose cone will not achieve satisfactory results.
* If you own a 2012 or 2013 Model S, the best bet is to use an external transponder mounted on your front license plate bracket. If your state does not use front plates as is the case in Oklahoma, you can attach the transponder (black bar) to the lower grille, just above the splitter. You can wire it to this grille or, if you remove the nose cone, I believe you can use a backer plate and gently bolt the bar to the grille to ensure its security.

If you have any questions, you may contact me at my office

Paul Garcia

Paul - I have an ezpass transponder from NY ezpass mounted to the right of my mirror in my August 2013 MS. I have used it probably 100 times in 7 months without a single read failure.

I know others have reported problems, but my ezpass transponder has worked flawlessly.

Also, never been to Oklahoma in my MS. But it has worked in ME, NH, MA, NY, NJ, PA, and DE.

In Ca I also have my Fastrak transponder to the right of the mirror and works great

Thanks for the valuable info. I will investigate if there was a mid-2013 change in the windshield.
On another note, Oklahoma windshield transponders are stickers and don't have batteries. Case passes will have a battery and will be a bit stronger. I'll look into all scenarios.

Mine is installed at the top of the license plate. Looks like a thick license plate bracket. No problem there. I did this after initially having it installed in the nose cone. The EZ-Pass did NOT work in the nose cone.

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