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first 1,000 miles driven

First 1,000 miles driven in my Tesla S, yay.
The car has been fine for the most part, and I enjoy driving it a great deal (driven over 400 miles in the last 2 days alone!) but two issues keep popping up (quite literally):
* Squeaky brakes
dunno what's up with that, tesla looked at it once and re-seated brake pads on front wheels, it
didn't help much.
It happens at the last moment when you let off the brake pedal a bit before a complete stop, but it's annoying as hell
* door locks
- passenger side handle extends, but pulling the handle does nothing.
Rebooted the car (press both scroll-wheels at the same time, hold for a couple of seconds),
pulled the handle from the inside, then tried from outside and it started working again
- new bug (that one is a bit scarier): rear passenger door just opened on its own for no apparent reason.
I was pulling into the garage and stopped completely at the time, let's hope it doesn't do that
while I'm driving.
I'm not saying handle extended, it propped itself open as if you pulled the handle.
No one was in the back or touched it from the outside.
Didn't call Tesla yet, wondering if anybody else seen this before.
* BT doesn't pair with the phone
seen it a couple of times, rebooting the phone usually helps, although I had to reboot the car once to fix it

The door handle bugs are a bit worrisome, my kids are usually on back seats, and being completely locked out is another concern.
They are fancy high-tech handles, but I'd really prefer something completely mechanical or at least a mechanical override.
You can still make the handles flush with the body, but that's once piece that has to work 100% of the time and work reliably.

I have just over 500 miles now, and have seen this problem twice, the left side of the instrument panel is usually set to display Media (what song is playing now, with a random album cover, since it was not really a song, but a lecture), disappears. I forgot that you could reselect that side, and lived with that for a few days, then read the forum and the manual to figure out how to do that, (Left thumb wheel, push and hold, then roll to select) I thought I must have pushed it by accident, but it happened again and I am pretty sure I did NOT do the sequence to set it to nothing, since it was actually kind of hard to press and hold and roll by accident. So, anyone else saw this?
at least it's easy to set it back now that I know how.

It is almost as if each of these cars has its own personality.

Your Personal Gremlin!

I hope mine are nice, yet I will have no hesitation killing them all...

Sergiyz - wow, service within 90 minutes sounds pretty good.

What did the techs say about the rear door self-actuation incident? (I take it you haven't seen that again).


Correct, I haven't seen it again, and Tesla couldn't reproduce it either, so we've left it as is.
I wonder if it was partially related to the faulty sensor on the front door, but only time will tell.


Are you playing from BT or Internet when it happens ?
BT requires you to push the play button after every car start (kinda dumb, I hope they are fixing that).
For Internet sources like Slacker, a reset of the central console resets your current station, so until you select it again going thru the menu, it won't even switch to Slacker via the scroll wheel.

So far only 600 miles but I've had to reset my touch screen twice to get my iPad to pair and the dash twice to remove the pixilation that just appeared from nowhere. Still can't get slacker radio to work. A few other minor bugs that I'm sure tesla will fix soon.

I came home this evening with 996 miles on my odometer. It started me reflecting on my first 4 weeks in the car. Some thoughts:

1. Cost of driving 1000 miles: $35 Savings versus my old ICE $155.00

2. City/Open Road driving ratio: 90/10

3. Overall ratings for type of driving: City 9/10 Open Road 9/10

4. Mechanical issues requiring repair: (1) Driver's door handle

5. Incidental issues I've also noticed that have no bearing on my love for the car:
1. Acceleration whine
2. Rubbery odor from wheel wells (Air suspension?)
3. Lower windshield distortion
4. Variable "vampire" loads
6. Service experience: A+

7. Delivery Experience: A+

8. Times I've passed gas stations smugly: I lost count!

9. Times I've used the smartphone app: 3-4 times each and every day

10. Times jaws have "dropped" in the presence of my car in really funny and embarrassing way: 4-5 times this month alone.

11. Least well published supercool feature of the car: Voice integration with slacker

12. Most overhyped feature of the car: For me, the frunk. I don't really use it that often. I've found the hood is too delicate to open/close often. Plus, there's already tons of cargo space in the rest of the car.

13. Most anticipated feature of the car I haven't been able to use: Supercharger (none yet near me).

14. Thing I notice more often now: The noise and exhaust odor of other ICE cars

15. Feature I don't miss even though I thought I might when I did not select it: Pano Roof

16. Most useful safety feature in the car: HD back up camera

17. New software feature I'd most like to see: New apps for touchscreen. Love to see one for MOG or Spotify or weather

18. UI feature most need of improvement: Web browser could be zippier with more features

19. Most important hardware capable feature not yet available: Wifi tethering

20. Best ergonomic discovery that I learned after 4 weeks of driving. That I should really be sitting higher than I was.

21. Best carwashing technique: (1) The Junkman's two bucket method, or (2) A touchless auto wash near my home, then a leaf-blower blow-dry.

22. Most underused connectivity feature: USB ports


Since the first day I sold my ICE and started driving Model S, I've never looked back. This is the greatest car I've ever driven, bar none. If you're currently waiting for your Tesla to be built, get ready for an exciting, breathtaking ownership experience. If you're still undecided about putting down a deposit, don't even give it a second thought.

VIN 3xxx

You nailed it, Rloehler!
People watching is some of the best moments owning an S. To see their reaction when they walk by and do a curious peek thru the window. The one that got me recently was the guards at my work. They are always serious. Check badge, wave you thruough, next...
Well this last time I saw him crack a smile as I silently roll up to the gate. He just had to ask me about the S! Got him! LOL He said the car blows his mind!
I've got over 3000 miles on my S now and I've done lots of stress tests on it in order to get my confidence in the car as far as mileage and cruising ability at california highway speeds. My worst has been 322 Wh/mi for the 600 mile trip to vegas and back, pushing into the high 80mph speeds. Overall avg speed was 61.6 due to traffic.
So my new thing is how low can I make the Wh/mi go. So I skirted the freeway on side streets posted at 50-55 mph. my last 100 mile effort has netted me 280Wh/mi!(that's on par with Ideal mileage) I used 100 rated miles covering 100 miles of actual road. I'm basically still getting Rated mileage even after you factor in the 'vampire' losses at night and I use the remote app to heat the interior before I get in the car! Pretty darn good if you ask me! Broder, eat your heart out! LOL!

Cn, you da Mileage Mastah! All Hail! :)

No master, just doin proper tests. I use averages and round trips. It takes the anomalies out of the equation. Sure, I got worse mileage going to Vegas than coming back. Same as my work route, I only use 20 rated miles covering 60 going to work, but it all comes back climbing home. Overall tho, my best has been my 280Wh/mi by staying off the freeway.
You don't get an official speed record without going both ways and averaging to take out the variables. One way trip tests bug me, almost as much as typos bug brian... almost. ;-)

typos don't bug me. Misuse of wrong words, now ... I sometimes tend to lose (not "loose") it. ;) Play with words is fine and fun. That's why I'm attempting to popularize "goose pedal", for example. \9-p

@Brian, it's much worse to misuse the right words! ;)

Ya, I was pondering that, but I just can't de-oxy the moron.

I would guess Tesla is putting a performance brake pad in. That's good. I know Americans associate brake noise with brake failure but this isn't true. Cold rotors + performance compound = noise. Same thing on $70,000+ BMW's. Enjoy the braking power.

Have almost 6,000 miles on mine. The only thing that doesn't work for me is the voice command. I will bring it in next week. Other than that, it's a fantastic economic car. To add to the list of @rloehler, the one item that I love most is that I now can back it up into the garage and then open the door into the house without bringing the CO exhaust that I used to have with the old Mercedes. There is no noise and no exhaust gas in the garage anytime, so there is no necessary ventilation needed before going to the house.
I have a reservation for the Model X, but I am thinking a lot these days, whether I should get the 2nd Model S (3 month wait) or wait for more than a year for the Model X. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, sorry for being off topics. I hope that @sergiyz can get the mechanical problem fixed soon.
Just to compare, I used to have a brand new VW Jetta which suddenly had a total and complete failure of the transmission only after few thousand miles. The car stranded on the highway and had to be towed. The defect parts were replaced on warranty. It's normal for all new cars to have mechanical defect, not just Tesla. Enjoy.

@tvntesla - stupid question, but I assume you are on 4.x software; that's when voice commands were introduced.

Yes, I am on the latest 4.2 software with the voice command. The microphone works fine for phone, but voice command doesn't work 99.9% of the time. If it does recognize my navigation command, it totally misunderstands the address, even if the address simply is "San Francisco" or "Stanford University". I know that I have to hold the button and speak clearly, but it doesn't work for me. Asking it to play something like Mr. Musk did never worked. I have given up using voice command and will bring the car in for a check. Not a major problem at all, just that I love to have the convenience of using voice.

How to put this delicately? Um, ... do you have an odd voice?

Could be you have a slight accent that the electronics isn't registering properly. Is there an option to teach a Model S to adjust for vocal patterns/accents? If not, then it should go on the list for software upgrades.

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