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First year registration car tax for Model S?

I know there are a couple Signatures cruising around the Denver area. Can you share the tax cost you had to pay to register your vehicle in Co?

Haven't registered mine yet...I'll let you know.


Ok, so I got my registration information. Ownership tax breaks down like this (P85, air suspension, pana roof, tech package)

Year 1: 1597.03
Year 2: 1140.74
Year 3: 912.59
Year 4: 684.44
Year 5>: 342.22

Think there is a nominal registration fee (approx $30 in addition).

Could you possibly let me know how the sales taxes worked. I'm taking delivery in the next week or so ( car is on its way on the truck). On the purchase paper work they put in CO state taxes (4%). I'm assuming at some point I also need to pay city and county sales tax (for Centennial another 2.75%). Many thanks.

Not a prob. Yeah, they don't know about all of the other Co taxes. You will have to pay them when you register your car or roll them into the financing.

Appreciate the info - I'll just plan on paying for it on my DMV trip.

You have state tax at 2.9%, Arapahoe County of .25%, Centennial city 2.5%, RTD 1%, and Art district .1%, assuming you live in the city and the districts. Tesla didn't collect the county tax for me and they probably didn't for you either. I had to pay it when I registered the car.

They messed up with my tax and I'm waiting for a refund. I'm in unincorporated Douglas county and they had RTD on the form. I don't pay that as I'm not serviced by RTD. It was $ 950.00 plus so it will go towards the plates.

when all was said and done, we forked over almost $2400. painful

In Denver, it was way of $4,722 included City Tax, RTD tax, Ownership Fee and a few other fees. Be sure to bring a check too, as there's a 2.75% charge on credit/debit cards.

That was for an S with 65Kwh, leather, suspension, and tech package.

Douglas County-- about 1700 (fully loaded SP)

Arapahoe County : 1880 (85 air,pano, tech).

JeffCo, and about 1700.

Oh yikes! I get the prize, unfortunately! Just registered our MS and got plates here in Colorado Springs. Bring your checkbook or pay ~3% extra for credit card. Wrote a check for $5204.83 total. Yow!

The guy said, "What is this thing, a space ship?" I said, "Ummm, yes". He said it was the most expensive car he had ever registered. Silver 85, no pano or upgraded sound but all other options. Love the car. Hate the tax.

Arapahoe County this morning for my Model S 85KW $5204.

^ I am stunned by the wide range in registration costs. ~$950-$5,200.

Surely the $5200 included sales tax that wasn't collected by the Tesla service center at pickup. Wasn't it? My P85 was about $1800 in Jeffco.

I'm starting to feel like something went wrong, and hope someone might shine some light on this. I want to say I did pay the sales tax at pickup, but was charged again at the DMV. Got to look.

Went back to the DMV and was told that what you pay upon delivery of your vehicle is only half the sales tax of the city you bought the car and then you have to pay the other half of sales tax at the registration office you belong to. Kind of strange, and I'm going to look a bit further into it. As it stands, arapahoe county $3692 for sales tax and about $1700 for registration fees.

Arapahoe County: $1980* (S85 air, no pano, tech)

*$50 for the Colorado EV Annual Fee.

Just got my reg renewal in the mail. Denver is asking for $995 for my second year of ownership ($78k msrp).

Second year ownership in Clear Creek - $1,190 registration for S85.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

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