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Free rear floor mats per Elon on Twitter

From Elon Musk on Twitter:

@elonmusk: @davidzh All cars leaving the factory now have good rear mats. Existing customers should get them any time their car heads in for service.


Oh goody. Coz the Lloyd all weather rubber mats are S T I N K Y.

(2 weeks of airing them out and they haven't changed one bit)



I thought we were supposed to getg rear mats!!!

Thanks Elon,


Sig 692

Tweet is gone. Did he delete it?

it is deleted...

The vanishing mats ...

Got my car 3 days ago no mats, and dirty

That is really strange, as the link still works for me and it still shows up for me on his Twitter feed!

Maybe cached? Just scrolled his Twitter feed back a week or so and no sign of it. What day did it appear?

April 13, 11:14 a.m. (Central Time?)

And now it is gone for me as well...

Someone is going to take Elon's twitter account away from him.

I'm sure someone on the executive team yelled at him for that. Committing to floor mats for all owners would cost the company 10s, if not, 100s of millions at this point.

I agree they are needed, but a decision like that has a major impact on a mass production product. Especially when thousands are already out there.

the lloyds mats fit well in my car. i got the berber ones not rubber.

Let's say we have 10,000 Model S on the road today. Let's assume the cost for a rear floor mat is $50 for Tesla. That's only $50,000, NOT millions! It clearly would be the right thing to do at minimal cost to Tesla.

Sorry, $500,000 of course but still not millions:-)

And worth every penny for customer satisfaction for Tesla.

@CareFree you aren't counting the cost to coordinate, process and ship all of them to existing owners. You then have to have a system to track who has theirs and who doesn't. Then you need to add installation of them to the production line and pay someone to do that.

You then have to provide them to every owner who buys one going forward.

Things like this seem like small items, but they add up quick.

They have a nice frunk mat on show room car now as well. I want my rear mats and a frunk mat...

Did anyone notice that the mats are now gone from the Tesla Gear shopping page. Like they never existed. Maybe they are included with all new cars now.

@kbackman, I think so. Only All-Weather Mats left in Tesla Gear shopping page.

rochec - lots of words, no numbers

The floormats cost Tesla 10's of dollars per pair. They buy them in large numbers, so they're cheap. No robots need to be changed, these mats are tossed in the back by a person in a matter of seconds.

The tweet mentioned that the floormats would be replaced when the cars were in the shop for other work. So you can forget the shipping costs.

The car comes in the shop, the technician looks in the back, spots old floormats and replaces them with new ones. If he spots new floormats he does nothing. Keep it simple and stupid, why would Tesla need a database for that?

Your 100's of millions was ridiculous. An educated guess is 8000 cars on the road x 50 dollar per pair = $ 400,000 dollars.

@Andre right, the mats just magically appear at the service center? And by your count of 8000 I guess Tesla will never sell another Model S again?

You've completely oversimplified what it would take to roll that out to EVERY Model S.

Didnt they have two lines of mats? I was looking at all the options (including on lloyds) and thought there was an option to buy rear mat or full nicer set with the Tesla logo.
Incidentally, I was at service center (door handle replaced and picking up center caps and tpms) and mentioned that front passenger mat had curled. Service manager said something about they did a temp fix and will replace when they get them in stock, so wouldn't that be awesome if we could all get full set with logo?

@cb9 ya, they had another set for sale, but now they are gone. They've been updating the show over the last few days, so may just be a temp removal.

Rochec they have shipments going out to service centers all the time they can easily send out a few dozen mats to start adding as people bring in cars for service, the cost per mat set to ship the mats will be ~$10 max. The costs of the mats themselves to Tesla bought in bulk will be ~$50. Lets add a big buffer for incidental costs and say that it will cost Tesla $100 per car to supply mats. That means for all existing orders adding mats will cost at most $2 million dollars. Your number of "100's of millions of dollars" is sheer lunacy. For all current orders for the cost to add up to even one hundred million dollars would have to come to $5000 per car for mats...

It looks like the Twitter exchange was captured here:

But it's days could be numbered.

100s of millions. lol

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