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Front License Plate Options

Any CO owners planning to not put on a front plate until forced to (ticketed)?

The best attachment option I have seen is the Skene brackets that attach under the front nose cone. Mi know Stevezzzz has this on his and it looks good. Any other ideas?

I was going to wait until I got a fix it ticket and see about the Skene. Someone I know has been running his Aston without a front plate for a couple of years and hasn't had a problem. We'll see.

That is my plan, too. I have looked at the Show N Go plate kit, but not sure how or exactly where to attach it.

I had them install the front plate holder on delivery (sometimes I am a conformist). How else will Denver's photo radar know who to ticket?

I decided to have one installed. I travel/park downtown Denver and have had a ticket as well. Also someone informed me that if you park at airport without license plate you will get a ticket. I use radar detector for photo radar avoidance :)

My Tesla is supposed to be delivered Feb/March but I ve been driving my Porsche since 2008 without the fron plate and never had a problem. I guess I'll take my chances ,it makes for better lines on the car.

I run all my cars without a front plate. Just don't park on the street, park in a private lot. I've never gotten a ticket except once when I parked on the street in downtown Denver.

Over the last 6 yrs living in Denver I have had two cars without front plates. We know NOT to park in Cherry Creek North or downtown in street parking, but couldn't avoid it on a few occasions. We've thought of a variety of ways to install a non-permanent solution, but none worked well. It's a $75 ticket, but worth it if you like the streamlined look of sports cars!

Thanks Calbeach - I plan to run the risk, just for the looks. However, if I go downtown or CCN, which is seldom, I was thinking of using industrial Velcro (black) as a temp measure to attach the front plate while parked. The plate would be removed when I return to the car, so I don't drive off with it where it might simply fall off. Have you tried this option? Also, is it simply permissible to lay the plate on the top of the dash in plan view while parked? Inquiring minds want to know.

pretty sure only temp tags can be placed in the window and no, they will still give you a ticket if the license isn't where it's supposed to least that is the case in Texas.

So, how about an evergreen winter driving experience report from the past few days?

ahh, nevermind, just saw your report in another thread.

I actually can't see the front of the car when I'm driving it :), so had the front license plate holder installed at delivery. Paid enough for the car, don't want to pay any more that I don't have to.

Was at Park Meadows tonight and parked alongside two other Model S (excluding store car), and all three of us are pressing out luck. I'll pay the $50 fine at least once.

I got some 2 inch wide double sided tape for the plate. It stays off unless I'm parking on street , then toss it on and take back off.Not really sure why we have two plate anyway, would save the state a bunch of money just to have one.

I installed the front plate using wire ties looped thru the grill and license plate holder. For the bottom, I picked up two 1.5 inch long plastic pipe fittings to have it step off from the bottom part of the grill (I put a piece of chair leg felt on the tubes so they dont scuff the grill at all). With the four corners wire tied off it is very secure and I meet the scrutiny of the NH police.

Here are the states that require front license plates, so you think Tesla would provided the attachment.

FYI, I've implemented an invisible magnetic mounting system. I'm still "testing" it, but it seems rock solid. I'll post a how to in the near future.

Rob at the service center installed my front plate with the zip tie method and some foam padding, looks great.

I can't bring myself to put on the front plate. It messes up the beautiful lines of the car and I can't imagine that it does anything to improve the aerodynamics that Tesla so carefully designed. The only real time the lack of a front plate is a problem is when parking on a public street, especially at a meter in downtown Denver. So my solution is to leave off the plate then hang it from the frunk latch with one of these when parking on a public street:

@GeekEV - How's that magnetic mounting method working out? Sounds interesting.

Here's a video on how I've installed a quick release magnetic mechanism for the front license plate. Read the description if you are interested in learning more. I'm considering a production run if enough are interested.

I installed my front plate using 3M VHB (very high bond) acrylic foam tape #4941. It works great and doesn't require any drilling! A whole roll of the stuff is expensive but you can buy it from Digikey in small pieces like 1.5inx1.5in squares for $2.47ea. Digikey part no is 3M9817-ND. Give it a try.

zero mpg - that is by far the best solution I've seen yet. I would absolutely like to purchase that from you. Please feel free to contact me…. kyle at gripllc dot com

This link presents all available options, to date.

I think the zip-tie placement below the nose cone looks best, IMO.

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