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Gen III (maybe!)

Well here we go. This may or may not be too popular.

2 months ago we put a deposit down on a S Performance pkg - loaded. Thought that it would be a good and alternate vehicle for us. Both my wife and I have a BMW and Porsches. Although the Tesla is $100K with minimal options (our opinion) - the bonus would be no fuel.

Then after much discussion and reading some trauma here - we decided to wait a few years until things were more under control. So we asked for the deposit back. This is where it gets sideways. First - there is no phone number to contact Tesla - you have to send an email. We sent an email stating that we want to cancel the deposit/order. 24-36 hours later my wife received a call from Tesla. He was pleasant and wanted to know what the reason was for canceling, which I will list. Second - he would process this within the next few days.

This is our response to him
For $100K (and I don't care if this car is power by anti-gravity pods) - a $100K car needs to have a certain amount of options. Example: 3 interior colors 6-7 exterior colors. A new BMW 650 has 15 interiors (with sub options) and 20 exterior colors. I have posted in an earlier thread about the lack of options, so I will not get into this again.

2) Delivery:
The signed contract agreement states that the car will be delivered in a COVERED container, and a tech will accompany the car for training. Well, this doesn't look like this is happening 100% of the time. Read one thread that a gentleman received his car in an open trailer, pulled by a pick-up and badly scratched. This tells me that there are problems at the factory. For one - it costs a lot less to ship by pick-up with a trailer than a covered trailer. I have experience with this, I have shipped several cars from both the east and west coasts. This is a BIG concern.

3) Repair:
So if something is wrong you "wait" for a tech to come to you. So what are you supposed to do in the meantime? Rent a car? Not for me - spending $100K, I better have a rental delivered to me. Both BMW and Porsche have loaners anytime the I have work done. BMW will give me a loaner even when I am having new tires mounted! Don't tell me that they are working on this. That has been the most common line that I have seen here. If they are still working on it - then the car has been released to early.

So the tech shows up at your house (as I was told). So, is this like the cable guy - he will be there between 9 and 3? What, I take off work and wait around the house until he shows? Then what - have a total stranger use my garage as his work shop? You can't leave the house with the tech there - at least I wouldn't. Again, both BMW and Porsche this would not even be a consideration. At one point during routine maintenance on my wife's Cayenne, the dealer forgot one thing. She called and informed them - immediately they asked how long she would be home. The sales manager personally drove out the loaner, picked up my wife's car and told her that they would be back tomorrow and exchange the cars. Again this was on a $108K vehicle - so in this dollar ballpark.

4) Tax refund
Yes, everyone is thinking that the $7500 is right of the cost of the vehicle. Well you better look into this. It all depends on your income, deductions, and other items that I was informed off (not an expert oaths at all) Not everyone will get $7500. best to check with your accountant on this one.

5) Fine Print
If you look closely at the contract there is a clause (in fine reprint of course) that basically states that the price that you have agreed on with this signed contract does not define the final price. Price increases may result from material, labor and other sources outside of Tesla's control. What!!!!

These are the items that my wife briefly informed the rep. He said that this has been the common issues with everyone that has cancelled -and (of course) "We are working on it".

Know for the best: It has now been three weeks and we have not received our deposit back - nor have we had any emails returned. So our next step is to disputed the charge to our credit card company and they will with draw the funds from Tesla. Anyone here in business knows that you DO NOT want this to happen to your company. Big no-no in with the credit card companies - big black eye. Multiple incidents will result in that credit card company pulling their account.

So Gen III - maybe

p.s. a lot more high-end buyers will buy the Model S when a critical mass of "cool people" that own a Model S is reached. You will not want to be the last house on the block with old-fashioned Porsches, MBs and BMWs... it will be either a MS or a Lambo...


Off course other brands have great cars on offer (performance and looks). But the point is that we have to get rid of oil consumption. Because it's bad for the environment of our planet.

Let me put it this way. It's a kind of a parallel, I think. People who smoke cigarettes and/or cigars, should also stop doing that, because it's bad for their health, it's bad for their body. These people should start chewing gum, and stay away from cigarettes and cigars.

Hello again, Brian H

1. Did not think that it was a "dupe" post - esp. when looked at side by side, they are quite different, even if the Audi example is a common factor.

2. The information was relevant to the second forum topic that I posted on.

If you are truly older than I, then we can certainly excuse your widely shared grouchiness on several of the Forum topics :)

Before you react, let me humbly say that due to your advice, I will be careful not to post anything that looks like a duplicate post again.

@Holiday, thanks so much for your input.
As a group of electric car enthusiasts and Tesla investors, perhaps we can cut one another some slack and allow this to be the enjoyable, exciting dialog it has been.

Best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable, reliable Model S and decent returns on our TSLA investments.

- best.

kk and holiday, sounds like you like to,hear what you like to hear.... Most of us are fine with just hearing it once

Luxury ICE cars are just fancy putt-putts. >:) TM should have a campaign, "Junk your putt-putt and drive a real car." >:)

Both are cars and provide us mobility, but the most important point is that the ICE cars are polluting the air, and the EV is not doing that (directly). And offcourse there is a question of Performance and Range. And that's where Tesla Motors have become successful. Because older EV's did not have good Performance and Range. By the way, Tesla cars look great (that's a matter of taste).

"cmadsen is a typical high-end care buyer. Tesla is going after that market." ~@Objective1

I don't know if the first sentence is true, but I understand what you mean by your second sentence. However, I think that is wrong.

Maybe some day, with some models, Tesla will be going after that market. However, right now, I don't really think that's the market they're going for.

They have (relatively) no traditional marketing. That means no commercials, no ads in GQ or Maxim or whatever. Those are the kinds of places the other luxury guys look for potential customers.

Instead, their stores are next to the GameStop and across from Aunt Annie's Pretzels. All of their current and soon-to-be owners are people who only probably knew about the Model S via the Internet and were still excited enough to plunk down $5,000. Now, if you do know about the car and want the car, maybe you can see one or drive one if you leave close to a store, but even then, it will be months, if not a year before you can own one.

So right now, this is not the car shopping experience a "typical high-end care buyer" is looking for. Instead, they had to get behind me in line, way behind me.

I have heard of wealthy people asking Tesla, "How do I get one?" "Where do I throw my money?"

Well that doesn't work folks.

@ olanmills,
How should Tesla Motors do the marketing for their EV's, in your opinion?

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