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Holy crap, I had no idea how great/useful Tunein was. I created a free tunein account at, used that userid/password in the Tesla tunein app screen.

I now have access to thousands of radio stations from around the world and locally, and podcasts, and on and on.

I'm surprised Tesla hasn't made it more obvious that this feature is built in!

I almost thought this was spam.... then I noticed it was shop! I will have to look into this.

Sorry, it did sound like a commercial!

I thought it was well known, just like Slacker. I never had to create an account or password. Tunein just worked.

Hmm - do you have a userid/password in the tunein section of the Music app? Maybe they missed putting in a tunein user/pass for me, since I never had tunein until I put in a user/pass.

@shop - I'll need to go out and check, but my recollection is that there is no place in the app to put in a password. I got my car in early December, so maybe it has changed.

Anyway, I'll check. I may be completely wrong.

Wow...shocked people didn't know about it! Here's a little bonus...CNN (TV) is simulcast on TuneIn. Between Slacker and TuneIn, there's no way XM is getting my money!

Well, I was wrong. On Controls/Settings/Apps/Music, there is indeed a place to enter a username and password. However, in my case, the fields are both empty, and the app shows me as not logged in. Yet Tunein has always worked.

@shop, did you actually try to listen to Tunein before you entered the username and password? You say you never had Tunein until you put in the user/pass. Does that mean there was no Tunein tab under Music/Browse/Internet? If you erase the login information and reboot your touchscreen, I wonder whether Tunein will still work.

@DouglasR, I wouldn't swear by it, but I believe adding the user name and password simply lets you build station lists, etc. on your PC or other devices so that your phone, car, etc. all share your favorites. I don't think there's any advantage to TuneIn premium in the car (on your phone you can pause, "record," etc.)

TuneIn has worked for me without me doing anything. I used it to listen to NCAA basketball.

I was pretty sure that I couldn't see tunein in my Internet list until i Put in a tunein user/pass. Maybe my particular installation had a glitch. FWIW, I can pause a tunein radio channel on the Tesla.

Funny, just mentioned this on another recent read thread "Feature request...."

Edit: - read

I was very pleased to see TuneIn integration when I read the specs of the Model S. I use the app on my phone every day. It is fantastic to use and allows me to listen to my local radio station when I drive out of the area. I also use it to listen to the national BBC Radio 5 Live station which broadcasts on AM and the radio reception can be awful most of the time. Switch to TuneIn and I get DAB quality. It also allows me to listen to the excellent BBC Radio Merseyside when I'm abroad. Better than a radio!

I would like to see more developers being given the opportunity to be on the Tesla platform, Podcast App Downcast would be very much welcome.

Tunein works without a username or password. The premium version allows you to record programs and play it later. I have the premium on my iphone, but the recording feature does not work on the car app.

As a Brit in the US I love Tunein. Listen to BBC Radio 4 in the car all the time.

Please explain this to me. I now have Tunein on my iPhone and it bluetooth's to the Tesla the same as playing music off my iPhone.

Is there any way to make it an app on the Tesla? Or is it dependent on the iPhone?

I suppose I am looking forward to the Tesla touch screen becoming like an iPad with a myriad of apps available to chose from.

And since Tesla has a partnership with Panasonic, Toyota and Mercedes, why not partner with Apple for the 17 inch touch screen?

@mcp, it is under the media tab, under "Internet"...TuneIn is an app available on the Tesla, albeit not as full featured as the phone versions!

I tried it today for the 1st time
Was listening to NPR this morning on FM
Changed to NPR on TuneIn
Quickly changed it back to FM because the audio quality was better

My experience listening to a music station was that the difference wasn't that noticeable. Of course, every Internet radio station can stream their broadcasts at different data rates, so maybe the NPR Internet channel was optimized for talk and not music and so had a lower data rate.

FM HD certainly is nice. Here is San Diego, my FM reception goes in and out of HD frequently with all the hills, so I get quite an A/B comparison between regular FM and FM HD. Wow, I had no idea regular FM was so lousy :-)

I can't remember whether it is Slacker or Tunein, but one of them lets you adjust audio quality based on cellular signal strength received by the car.

If you park in a garage with fluorescent lighting the FM quality deteriorates pretty quickly when entering the garage. Using tune-in spares one the static.

Thanks for the tip guys. I didn't know about tunein until this post.

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