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High Speed Tuning

Do you know what the high speed tuning for Autobahn that Elon talked about yesterday in Germany entails?

My guess is wheel alignment and door adjustments, but can't wait to hear what you think...

Extra battery cooling and higher top speed--pure speculation.

Is there any concern regarding the rear wheel toe/camber settings for higher speed? (lolacarchamp might have input)

My guess is no higher top speed - I think Elon would have stated that if it were true. Rather I suspect the software will be tweaked so the motor doesn't go into "protection mode" and cut power after a prolonged high-wattage output(like some reviewers have noted on the test track). Maybe that will require extra battery cooling but reading between the lines it sounds like a software fix only - it's being offered for "free" to both new buyers and existing owners so I wouldn't think major hardware changes would be planned.

Also, at those higher speeds the range will be severely reduced. This explains the high number of superchargers planned for Germany, as the distance traveled by those cars on the autobahn will be short.

Anyone knows what is gas millage of a, say, M5 driven at 160 miles per hour.

What's gas milage ;-)? Around 25 Liters per 100km, hard to drive that constantly even here. More realistic is that you can drive with an average of 15 Lites / 100km.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (521 PS, Automatik, Tempo: Liter Super Plus)
VMax (270): 66,7 lit/100km = 3.5 MPG

Sorry about the misspell. Typed that before my first morning coffee. That's better than I thought.

3.5 mpg is better than you thought?

No that's terrible. Talk about range anxiety! I was replying RZippel's number which wasn't that bad. I think that comes from much tamer driving.

So what's difference between MS and ICE cars when you drive at top speed on autobahn? You need to stop every 20 minutes to get the car charged/filled but you need to spend 100 euros (?) at every stop for the ICE car while the MS gets a free charge.

@carlk: Exactly!

the lower cost of electricity compared to gas may be a motivator to buy an MS if you live in Germany and like to drive fast.

TESLA S new tuning - RevoZport Racing Technology Ltd. :

Looks & "rear entertainment" isn't going to help keep the car from overheating on the Autobahn.

The D announcement included higher top speeds. I'm sure the 155 mph doesn't come from a mere click of a mouse when adjusting the software.

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