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Hotels in Vancouver BC with EV charging

My wife and I want to take our MS from Seattle to Vancouver, BC, and want to stay at a hotel where we can charge the MS overnight before heading back to Seattle. Our search has only turned up one hotel so far, Fairmont Hotel. Does anyone have any information on other lodging alternatives that will enable us to charge our car?

One good resource to use is They have a very good list of available EV charging points. Plugshare also has an app you can use with your smartphone (although be careful using your data plan when you are in Canada, depending on your carrier, the international data roaming charges can be huge!). Depending on what your plans are in Vancouver, you could structure some of your time so you can park your car at the various charging points, or pick a place to stay based on the proximity to a charging station.

Also Sun Country has this resource available to find charging stations -

I've heard mixed reviews on how accurate the Sun Country location map is, so you may want to call ahead if you are going to try to use a Sun Country charge point.

The Fairmont is one of my favorite hotels.

I have been very concerned about the 3g roaming issue for Canada. I'm sure that it will get Tesla's attention once we go driving around on their dime up there

I asked my delivery specialist (Maddy) about 3g in Canada. She said it will not work. But the turn by turn navigation on the dashboard will continue to give directions since the maps are on board. I hope they will have a plan that covers both the US and Canada since I make a lot of trips up there and am planning on using the MS for that.


I have been using Recargo with success as well. I like it's interface better than plugshare and they have an S-optimized webpage.

I was just in Canada on Wednesday. The 3g service did in fact work.
For hotels in Vancouver, you can also look up the Loden Hotel. They have a charger, but it might be a roadster one. You should check in advance.

When I travel to Vancouver I always stay at the Hyatt which has no charging, but I go down the road to a public charging station on Houghton Street. One dollar per hour gets you parking and charging. It is a chargepoint station. The lot is outside, but in a pretty safe location.


just wanted to reconfirm, you have a US Model S and drove over the border to Canada and your 3G was working (Google maps, Slacker, Web etc?)? Thanks for the reconfirmation!

That is correct. Lost signal for a little while right at the border, but then it worked fine.

When I went to Whistler in February, my car's 3g definitely did not work in canada. I also don't have the turn by turn onboard maps.

Can someone else chime in about their US tesla 3g working in canada?

This is another argument for having the maps onboard instead of depending on the 3g. There are several places in the west where 3g is missing so the map goes away.

My 3G dropped out for a few minutes after crossing the border but came back and worked fine the rest of my trip to Vancouver, BC. This was in March. Data rate was much slower though - streaming audio would drop out often and map refreshes were slower than normal.

Ev has complimentary parking too in fairmount Vancouver

Different 3G data plan in Canada is a well known "issue". It is interesting that Canadian registered cars have US coverage. In June of 2013 on a two week trip through Canada we communicated with Tesla on this topic. Our car has on-board navigation so if we knew the address it could be entered and the GPS based navigation would work. However, without 3G there was no ability to search for and address. Another factor that we were unhappy with is that Tesla does not have visibility of your US car while in Canada. This means any maintenance issues are going to be more difficult to diagnose and correct.

If your us carrier is t-mobile, you can use their free intl data roaming while in canada. turn on tethering, connect car to phone via wifi and life is good.

I used 3G to stream the Hawks game and use the browser on the drive back from whistler. No problems. Data connection works for sure. fingers crossed that it stays that way.

When I was at the Fairmont this December, I paid valet parking to use the charger. Maybe I didn't have to, but it seemed expected, and the Valets were very helpful and glad to have a nice car parked at the charger. It's the best parking spot at the Fairmont! Right across from the entrance.
I travel to Vancouver often and have never had 3g active past the peace arch about 20 miles. Maps on main screen go blank near the Ferry exit. I would very much like to have connectivity in Canada and hope that it is an option at some point in the near future.
Vancouver is one of the most EV friendly cities there is! There are charging stations all over the city and likely one near enough to any hotel you may choose.

The GPS maps stop updating right after crossing the border. This is totally unacceptable. Only Tesla GPS stops working across the border, not my phone GPS, not my Garmin. No my 100k+ car with the 17" GPS stops working 2.5 hours from my house. My 2y old phone can predownload maps to handle GPS when I am out of data coverage.

I just checked at, and it seems that only Fairmont Waterfront offers complimentary parking for EV's now. When I stayed at Hotel Vancouver last December, I could park my MS there for free overnight, and the valet was indeed very helpful.

Also on the cell phone roaming part, I just switched to T-Mobile's Simple Plan, which includes free international data roaming and texting. I am going up to Vancouver on Sunday, and I plan to use tethered feature in my MS and just to see if the map works.

In addition, I noticed that while the map may not work in Canada due to lacking of data connectivity, the navigation still function as long as you have pre-registered the destinations.

I will report back what my experiences are from this trip. :)

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