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Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Rentals of Model S and Model X

It may be something in the making already, but I wanted to ask, based on the ideas around the new getaround app, is Tesla considering, could Tesla consider daily, weekly, and monthly Model S rental rates. I can tell you for sure, that such an approach would put the car in the reach of potential buyers and the fans out there who are just a bit of short right now of the income to purchase a new or used Model S. I would definitely rent a Model S for special occasions, to pick up speakers, or for family trips.

If you guys have an ear for these kind of ideas, I have one more in the pocket.

Make it happen.

Obviously, a car rental company would be the right agency or firm to do anything along these lines. I think the LV 'Project 100' is a good start. It has bought 100 MSes to integrate into a tourism access package in Vegas.

Some rental companies are starting to offer Teslas:

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