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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

Just received my car. It only had 23 miles of range when they unloaded it. Now it won't charge. Service is unavailable Until Monday. A very disappointing first day.

Oh no, that is disappointing. I'm so sorry! I hope they fix it fast for you.

It should charge even with 0 miles. Check these:

1. Try reinserting the UMC or HPWC. You should hear two clicks.

2. There should be green lights on the UMC or HPWC.

3. Try a charge from a 120V plug.

4. Try a J1772 charge (blink, charge point, etc.). If this works, then the problem is with the UMC or HPWC.

My wife and I are proud new owners of a Model S as of 4/6. We actually got to pick up the car at the new Houston service center. They did an outstanding job, had the car fully charged and freshly detailed. Whitney spent almost an hour with us doing an in-depth walk-through.

Everything is so new and we have so many questions. Hope to meet you all soon at a future meetup.

Rich said the service center is 90% ready, will likely open in another week or so.



9 works on Saturday. I have to leave by 9:30 to be at Renwick.

Just received our car on 4/2. Looking forward to meet the other owners in Houston as well, however Cars and Coffee is a bit early for me. Any other Sugar Land owners here?

Car is back from service. The car software was setup as an 85, but is a 65. Service reprogrammed one setting and everything works. BTW there's a new P85 at the service center going through pre-delivery.

@jerry3, thanks for the advice. As I mentioned in my last post, the problem was a programming issue. I have a 60, but the factory programmed the software as an 85. Everything is working great now.


So glad you took the plunge! I'm the one who gave you the ride in Houston. Still loving mine........


That's great.

Lynn, I haven't forgotten! Thank you so much! I LOVE IT!!

Sprais, 9 it is.

Anyone else want to meet with us on Saturday c'mon! Dunn Bros. Coffee on Friendswood Dr.

Amits, it is closer to Friendswood than Coffee and Cars! :-D

I don't think I can make it, but address for nav purposes is:

Dunn Brothers Coffee‎
201 S. Friendswood Dr.
Friendswood, TX 77546


Considering my first Houston-Austin road trip next week. Sure wish there was a supercharger!

Has anyone taken this trip (recently) and have any advice?

With the supercharger, would be possible to make the round trip in one day - but without it, appears that an overnight stay will be needed.

The only hotel I've found (so far) in Austin that has a charging station is the Wyndham Garden in south Austin.

Has anyone else found an alternative hotel with a charging station?

BP, the Westin and the Aloft at the Domain shopping center are both walking distance from the HPWC Tesla chargers in the garage (Tesla store is there). Aloft is definite the most convenient...right across the (mall) street.

@bp: I have driven Houston -> Austin three times recently including last Monday/Tuesday. As you say, a SuperCharger will make this easy, but it isn't too bad now. First, I range charge 'just in case'. Also, I live in West Houston and take I-10 to 71 (and sometimes do the 77 jog up to 290). I arrive at my brother's house with about 71 miles of charge and did the overnight charge at The Domain. They have a Model S HPWC as does the Austin Service Center. Note: The charger at the Service Center lets you pull 80 amps but the Domain one currently only does 72 amps. The Domain chargers are available 24/7 but the service center officially closes at 6pm and is inside so you can't charge overnight.

If you don't want to do overnight, you will need to plan a very long lunch and a very long dinner at The Domain to get in 4 or 5 hours of charge before you return. Fortunately, there are some good restaurants out there. Good luck, let us know how it goes.


I broke a tire on an itty bitty pothole and the new one hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Please give me a call at 832-338-5396.


@bp: Riceguy's advice is probably the best. If a long dinner/shopping at the Domain fits your plans, the HPWC there can fill you up.

My office is in Austin, just off Highway 71 east of I-35. I have a NEMA 14-50 outlet there, and with a bit of advance warning by e-mail I would be happy to help out a fellow Tesla owner if it's during business hours or I happen to be working late. Put "Tesla" in the mail title to reduce spamfiltering, and give a phone number so I can reach you back. Warning: Aside from a couple of decent-but-not-fancy restaurants, there is *nothing* of interest within walking distance of the office. Bring a book.

We were at the service center today and saw 3 other model S there, including WATT FUN - it was nice! Hopefully ours will get fixed soon. It took a loooong time for the parts to arrive and we just now got called in for repairs.

I can't beleive someone has the license plate WATTFUN.... my license plate is WATTFAn (I am in the Energy business and I am a huge Texans Fan). Great minds think alike!

@RandyL- If I am not mistaken, WATT FUN is actually stephen.pace's car. He mentioned his signature red before. It is beautiful too! I just thought it was so cool to finally sort of meet someone from the forum, even if it's just a car. Would be great to meet the owner as well :)

@stephen.pace- I hope your MS is ok and there is nothing serious with it

I think we are having a faulty charge port- this morning DH couldn't unplug the cord and it took him a few tries. Richard at service center said that it might a charge port :(

By the way, I told Richard that he is very popular on this forum. He was pleased and said he hopes it's a good thing

@ElenaK: Yes, I've had a few minor items that I've been needing to have fixed for a while and am on a business trip this week so it was a good time to give up the car.


Air Alliance Houston has asked if three owners would like to show their cars at an Earth Day event on April 25th (6pm - 8:30pm) near Washington Ave / Memorial Park. If you have availability and would like to participate, please email me (stephen_pace at and I will send you the details. Thanks!

Made the trip to Austin this week.

On the trip out, did a range charge and drove conservatively to Austin. Had around 90 miles of range left when I reached the hotel.

Did a standard charge overnight and drove "normal" on the way back - and ended up with around 35 miles of charge left when I reach home.

At least on this trip - it looks like driving conservatively extended the range by about 20%.

Now that I've completed the first round trip that was longer than a single charge - I'll have more confidence in future road trips!

The only concern is that you can't reserve a charging station at the hotel - and the last two times I've stayed there, a Volt has been charging there during the day - and if someone brings another EV and stays overnight - the single J1772 charger might be busy - and then I might have to go to plan B - and sit at the Tesla Store or Service Center for several hours to recharge before heading back.

I did the same trip from Dallas to Austin last weekend. Did a range charge each way and had about 50 miles left when I got to the destination. I drove at or the near the speed limit (65-75) with no problem, other than a couple times when the map went blank.

I was surprised that the Four Seasons appeared to be the only hotel in Austin (or at least in the downtown/UT area) with a charger, and it had just one. Apparently, I was one of the first Teslas to have used it. It is mostly used during the day by Volts/Leafs there for a conference. Also a relatively slow charge (9 miles/hour).

The Four Seasons people were very nice about it, and even moved some non-EV cars that had been valeted in front of the charger so I could plug in.

Stayed at the Wyndham Garden in south Austin near I35 & Ben White Blvd. They have one J1772 ChargePoint station.

What kind of station does the Four Seasons have?

The hotels at the Dominion appear to be close enough to use the charging stations at the Tesla Store and Service Center (though I haven't verified this personally).

Any other Austin-area hotels with J1772 charging?

bp, you can definitely use the Tesla store chargers with the Domain hotels...

The Four Seasons had a J1772 station in the self-park area, just below the entrance. The valet guy has to unlock it for you.

The Air Alliance Houston Earth Day event went well. Small venue, but they had good turnout and there was quite a bit of interest in the cars both from the kids and their parents. And potentially two future orders. :-)

Photo from Event:

Thanks to Edward, Pat, and Collin for bringing out their awesome machines!

Did anyone have weird quirks with the tesla in the rain? If I have one worry about the car it's what happens when we have a day like today where it rains and rains and rains. I got stranded out in the rain today unexpectedly during a flash flood, and I wonder how an electric car would have fared. I was out there pulled over on the side of the road for about an hour and a half.

I forgot to mention that I was not in the tesla. I was in my moms truck, thankfully.

There really should be no difference because the bottom is sealed. Don't go fording any streams or places where water is higher than a 6" curb, just like you wouldn't in any car, and you should be okay. If in doubt, set the suspension to very high and drive very slowly. Some of the really early production was really sensitive to water but Tesla has fixed that in the later builds. I've had no problems on my ~5000 VIN.

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