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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

Sound good. I think I can make it.

Great! Let me know if anyone else can make the 3/21 unofficial Tesla event at Buffalo Grill at 5:30 PM. I may let the guys at the Galleria know as well, so they can come.

Buffalo Grille Academy & Bissonnet (West U)
4080 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Speaking of the Tesla store in the Galleria. They allow you to charge your car free of charge. It is a 70amp system for those of you with twin chargers.


Hey all!

My car should be on its way to the Austin service center this coming week. (Black on black ,P85, 21 inch chrome, pano, premium sound, tech, glossy obeche). We are going to take delivery there and drive it home.

I can't believe how much I ache with anticipation! :-D

My delivery window is 2/25 - 3/11. If I get my car, I'll try to meet y'all at Buffalo grill.

Count me in for the meetup.

I am on the same delivery window as edavis008. Will also try to attend Buf. Grill if car has arrived.

Has anyone received their car with the paint armor? More importantly has anyone looked into after market whole hood coverage with a clear bra treatment such as xpel?

My car came with Tesla's paint armor. I didn't like the half hood as it really stood out on my pearl white. I decided to get the entire hood done at Excecutive Auto Tint on Hillcroft. If you decide to go there ask for Brandon.

Real life has interfered with my obsession over my Model S (Signature, VIN #992). However, I will definitely be at the Buffalo Grille on March 21st. After all, I need Stephen to help me with Slacker (!). Also, to JWOLENS, I will be contacting Trio Electric - Thanks! I can't WAIT for my HPWC. I'm sick of having to park diagonally in my garage to charge the car! I charged it at Whole Foods on Waugh a few weeks ago, but after an hour or so I only got 9 miles worth of charge...... Still love my car, though! I have paint armor on my car. I have the dark blue and I am not very happy with it (paint armor). The half hood coverage really shows the line. Some of the other areas near wheels and bumpers are good, though.

I am getting XPEL applied next week. I am going to keep the hood the way it is for now (as I already spent the money on it), but add the side mirrors and doors wrapping around the edges. My BMW got monthly door scratches at work that I hope to reduce with this although it won't help for deeper dents. It will be about $1150 with MUCH more coverage than the paint armor. Hope that extra $$ saves some wear and tear on the paint. See the Tesla Motor Club site for details about this place.

Likely also getting my tinting done at Star Auto Accessories. My classic car guy uses them and they seem to know tinting well.

Had Ranger Service- Richard (nice guy to be service manager) come by today to help with random light on dash. Tells me Service Center is having ongoing issues with city and has to add oil traps, etc. even though they don't need them. Hard for people to think out-of-the-box. He says that is delaying things as they have to dig up the floor to add this stuff.

Still love the car, although I have such a short commute that I don't have enough time to enjoy that much.

I work / live close to Buffalo Grill, but not sure if I can make meeting. Hope to stop by, at least.

@jwolens where are you getting the doors wrapped? Are they using a kit or are they doing a custom job with the film wrapping around the edges of the doors? I got my full hood done but they used a kit so it doesn't wrap completely around the hood.

So I made a trip to Whole Foods on Waugh and convinced myself that I would park in the "Electric Car Only" parking spot. I decided this because part of the reason they are there is to spur adoption of EVs. I understand that it is proper etiquette to park at someone's "gas" station if I am not getting gas. My dilemna was made simpler by the fact that my trip would only take 5 minutes. While I was pulling in I saw another Model S parked in a non-EV spot so I decided against it. While walking out, I see a car in the EV spot. It was a nasty looking ICE SUV. Understandably, I was upset. So, I think that my new etiquette will be this: if my trip is less than 1 hour, I am not charging, and there is not another car charging in a spot, it is okay to park in the EV only spots. If my trip is over an hour than I will not park in the spots. The spots were created for us EV drivers, so that we would purchase the cars. What do others think?

I have the paint armor on a dark blue S. Not really happy with it. Did not realize that it would be quite so obvious where it ends. Thinking of replacing it, but not sure.


I work near that Whole Foods, so I looked out the window before taking my car over to charge. The staff was fine with me charging while NOT in the store, but after an hour I only got 9 miles added to my range. Not worth it - Super Chargers are the way to go if you don't charge at home.

When I go to that Whole Foods I plug in just so people know the car is electric. People are mystified when they see a beautiful, full sized sedan plugged in to a charger.

Todays the day!! We fly to Austin this morning to pick up the S and bring it home to Friendswood. It's a 190 mile trip according to Google, so how much of a lead foot can I allow myself?

Any suggestions on what I should make sure I check out on the car while at the center?

@docjay Sorry there can only be one Model S in Friendswood ;). Maybe I will see you around, mine is Silver. If you haven't gotten your plates already, city hall has a tax collector office but are only open on Thursday and Fridays. I used the oil place right across from it by Rise cupcakes for inspection.

@Dockjay do a max range charge (~270 rated miles) and you should be fine. From my experience even if you drive aggressively you should make if home with no less than 10 - 20 miles of rated range to spare. Just keep an eye on the projected range to be safe.

So, spariscody, you are sayin' " This town ain't big enuf fer the both of us," heh" :-D

Thanks for the tip on the inspection. Hope to see you around.

Elton, made it home with 35 to spare. Beautiful drive although I had to be much tamer than I wanted to ! Cant wait till tomorrow! HAHA!

I have a dark blue with a full hood Xpel wrap plus a number of other surfaces. Looks great and no issues with unsightly lines.

Got the work done at Xpert tint on 59@beltway. Sunny owns the shop and does a great job.

Hope this helps some of you on the fence.


How long did it take and how much did it cost?


@Docjay it took about 4 hours for my car. I got the full hood and front fenders done.


It took 2 days, however my vehicle was used to gather "auto cad" like measurements for the template system. For all of the surfaces full hood, full bumper, front fenders, headlights, fog lights, A pillars, side mirrors, and rear trunk entrance it ran $1800.

I received my car 4 weeks ago, and the Sunroof broke on the second day I had it. A bracket in the sunroon broke, and the sunroof collapsed on one side. Tesla has been out twice to try to fix it and now they are going to have to ship my car to Austin to get fixed (I am located in Houston). In addition, I have the panoramic roof and the sunroof scratched the glass either when they were trying to fix it or when it was sliding back broken on my car.

It is very clear to me that Tesla is moving to damn fast. While I admit I wanted my car ASAP, I am not happy with the resulting service response or ability. I now have to get the bracket replaced and the window in the back of my roof, so at some point in the future (which will probably be another few weeks) they will come pick up my car and give me an Enterprise rental car. I am passed the point of frustration now, especially bacuease I don't have any single person at Tesla responsible for my account or this issue. I have heard there are several others with this same problem, so I wish you good luck if you have the same issue.

I hope to see lots of other Tesla Owners at Coffee and Cars on Saturday 3/2/2013. Last month was great. Don't forget we have to get there kind of early to park together.

Event Location:

110 Vintage Park Blvd.
Houston, TX 77070


Oh right - and no complaining about it being too far. I live in Clear Lake.

I'm planning to be at the Houston Coffee and Cars and am anxious to meet other Tesla owners there. Is everyone going to park in front of the Chiropractor's office that offered to save spaces for Tesla vehicles? I am also planning to be at the Buffalo Grille if I can get across town that early. I have yet to see any other Tesla S' in the wild here in Houston!

I got the whole hood done and some other parts of the car in addition to what came with the kit. It was supposed to be installed at the factory but they didn't do I had it done by Sunny at Beltway 8 and 59S. Oddly, there is a scratch in the film on my hood...can that be fixed? I hope so!

My MS has been built and I hope to pick it up in Austin thie weekend. I'll miss the Coffee and Cars on Saturday, but I hope to see lots of us there in April or May.

@LiteWait What is a good time to arrive? This weekend will be my first time attending.

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