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How I got invested in Tesla

Although I am just a high school senior I wanted to support Tesla. I found investing to be the best way since the Model s was only in my dreams. So I went to Scottrader since I could open an account for $500. Had to be cosigned because at the time I was 17, but after it was all said and done I got 21 shares for $28.2099 a share on August 30, 2012. After investing 600 dollars thought I would just leave it in and not invest any more because I still have to fill up the gas hungry 93 gmc sierra. But I couldn't resist because Solarcity's was having an IPO so I had to get in on that. As of today I have 25 shares of Tesla TSLA and 50 Shares of Solarcity. I am hoping for a bright future and I hope my small investment helps Tesla and Solarcity revolutionize the world.

Hey, congrats! How enterprising of you at such a young age! I, too, am LONG Tesla. I suspect we are not alone.

I hope not, I eventually got my parents to invest so they could get the gen 3 car in the future. After I told them I was making 55 percent on my solarcity shares it didn't take very long.

I still have my very first shares of apple computers and just cashed in a few to purchase the S. Back when I was 20, the choice was between new pair of sneakers that all my friends were wearing or Apple shares. I purchased the apple shares and 24 years latter, buying the MS was a no brainer. keep up the good work and invest in what you like.

Thanks for the wisdom July10Models I just filed my taxes last mouth and I realized that I invested over half of what I made working two part time jobs and being in the Army National Guard last year, but even if I lose it all it well be well worth the experience

calvin, I believe that you are smart enough to be the part of a life time innovation in American auto history by investing in Tesla Motors. Though you missed the early years of investing in Apple, your early participation of investing in Tesla will reward you nicely say 20 years later. Hold on your Tesla shares.

My goal is to be able to purchase a future Tesla Model with my shares

You go get 'em! I am long Tesla and while my first shares were not enough to buy my MS they did help quite a bit I originally bought during the IPO. It's been a great investment and I believe the company will continue to grow!

GLO did you get any Solarcity SCTY shares during the IPO?

I sure hope your shares will buy you that MS someday. Remember, buy low and sell! While that sounds so simple it's ridiculous, I can tell you many stories of people who buy a stock at it's peak, because of all the excitement, and others who panic, and sell after the bottom has fallen out.

Its hard to predict Tesla shares because of the insane amount of people that short the stock, but when they do cover there shares it does give the stock a boost

Think bigger calvin. In the 1980's I bought Microsoft stock and flagged it as my Jaguar money. If I hadn't sold the stock when I to buy my Jaguar I'd have.... I don't want to think about it any more...

...when I went to buy my Jaguar...
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House + Two Tesla's = The New American Dream

Bigger! Long term security for you and yours.

Could someone give some insight to how option trading works


Options are a "gamble" on the future price of a stock. They expire at some point in the future. If the price you bet on is exceeded, you can make some money (maybe a lot). If you price is not reached you loss your entire bet. You can bet on the stock going up or down.

Fully understanding options is about as much work as MBA. Get your MBA first, then study options. They are NOT for small individual investors.

Good luck to you.

Alright that makes sense

Thank you

Anyone have any opinions on 3D systems DDD or Zoltek ZOLT?

Or other interesting stocks to watch?

@ calvin klesmith

Take a look at BBSI. Gained 168% in ten months. Really helped pay for Model S.

Yeah BBSI looks promising mcx-sea thanks for the info

something not right about this thread....smells funny to me.

Could be, but in the last 1 yr BBSI is up 150%, TSLA up 20%. Seems legit enough.


Did the Photo show up? If not how could you post an image on this form?

Calvin, that's a local address on your disk. You must move the pix to a website (there are many free hosts to choose from), and then use the specific URL of each picture; some sites have specific HTML you must use for this, some don't. Then use this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600"> including the quote marks.

Does this help clear up you suspicion nickjhowe <"">

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