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How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

We have driven our 60KWh Tesla MS for over 5,200 miles so far in about 4 months. We are averaging a rather surprising 291 Wh/mile. My wife drives it most of the time and yes, she is a 'safe' driver; always drives at or below speed limit.

I know it's not really an apples to apples comparison as terrain, weather and driving habits vary. But I thought it would be a fun exercise as many of you by now have several months under the belt and have a meaningful 'average'.

Type away :-)


Avg 318, 2800 mi in 5 weeks, MS85, 19. I have made 3 road trips hypermiling as low as 270. But the real fun is taking my wife's advice to " drive fast and take chances". I hope to join the 400 club.

P85 - just a hair under 9K miles. Average 340 wh/mile. Live in hills, so up and down really bumps you up a bit.

When driving long distance on flat highway, averages about 290-295 wh/mile at 70 mph.

@tezzla , @Newampster - I just checked my latest usage again. It's up to 416...

Alright, alright, I'll slow down every once in a blue moon so you guys can catch up and enjoy the instant rocket launches too...

7000 miles, 19" tires average 316 Wh/Mile. Include some winter driving with battery heaters running (so close to 400 Wh/mile in the winter) and 20 miles at the track @ 1000 Wh/mile (with 40 other Tesla owners).

I created a google form for this:

Form entry and you should have access to the sheet as well.

I need to enter my own data. I have about 8k miles and avg a bit under 300 w/mile.

The Form has the following so far.
Miles Driven Wh/mile Avg All 336.692307692308

I want TM to add another few ways to view remaining range:

1) Ideal
2) Rated
3) Projected
4) User Average
5) Average of 1,2,3 and 4


Actually this is a useful thread and thanks @murraypetera for the summary.

Before I saw @murraypetera’s tally, I also ran the numbers. I left out any wH/mile that did not have a mileage linked to them and came up with a weighted average of 321 wh/mile compared to the 337 reported above. I guess the high-consuming (heavy-footed and/or traffic-bound) drivers are putting on fewer miles than their “conservative” counterparts?

305 wph, S85 Kwh, 19" wheels, 11,500 miles.

Lots of Florida driving on route US 95 and the car seems to love beautiful A1A along the coast where the limit is 35 mph.

Like @murraypetera's Google form. Hope many more people would add their data.

@murraypetera, is there a way to see the summary data?

297 wpm now with over 26,000 miles. Mainly on US 95 in Florida.

S85, 19 in. wheels,most options. Fantastic car!

341 for 30K miles. I admit I have a heavy foot and I live in the mountains.

My current lifetime average of mostly highway driving is 218 Wh/km for some 6000 km. In British imperial units that would be 351 Wh/mi in some 3700 mi. NOT driving slowly, having lots of fun, sometimes I experiment in lowering my power usage.

363 over 8000 miles. I floor it every chance I get and do not make many freeway trips at all.

348 over 21,000 miles. Enjoy the car and what it can do every chance I get. A fair # of highway miles on trips from SF Bay Area to S CA and AZ.

236 w/km. around 350 per mile.

I like to get up to the speed limit quickly.

I have seen 197 kmph on the speedo.

@Lycanthrope: 236 Wh/km is 380 Wh/mi, not 350...

P85+, 2800 miles, 340Wh/mi.

The S60 loaner I got the other say with 5000+ miles on it has 330Wh/mi. It should represent average of many drivers.

When I got my car back from SC after some interior adjustment and curtesy inspectiong work it showed 380 Wh/mi average. must have passed the speed test.

Great post!

85, 6300 miles, 305 kWh. (How cool if we could get this info off the ios app)

Normally drive 5 over. One 600 mile road trip, 5 of 400 miles, all with very significant elevation changes. The latter 400 mile is a regular one, almost weekly in the summer, and on the 200 mile outward bound, which has some 11000 feet in total climb (5600 ft net) I stick right on the limit on the climbs.

10,000 miles @ 289 Wh/mi

4500 miles @ 327 wh/mi. My typical cruising speed on the highway is 75 and we have quite a few hills here in CT.

P85+ with 22k miles, 322 kW/mi

We reacently had our MS realigned. There have been several previous alignments but continued to rip off the inside tread on both rear and front tires both 21" and 19." This realignment, I demanded they set all the the camber to 0. (go to TireRack site on the alignment page) SC assured me that they did take out pretty much all the negative camber. Now my MS hand pushes out of the garage with ease and no tire chirping on the epoxy floor. Throughout the first 14,000 miles, the MS was difficult to keep streight on the road--seemed to bounce arround like a rubber ball. Now it is so easy to drive. Before this alignment, we have never been able to reduce the power consumption below 300 wpm and doubted others did either. On the firest drive after alignment, at freeway speed I was using 290 wpm. Thinking I may have a tail wind. At the next exit, I turned around and drove the other way with no change in power consumption. It takes a great deal of power to scrub your high camber tires down the road ripping rubber off. Now power consumption of less than 300 wpm is very normal. If you are using too much tires and too much juice, get your MS realigned without the negative camber. If your SC won't, take it to a good alignment shop that corrects the factory alignment problem with Mercs.

40/60 19" rims first set of tires were Goodyear. I had to replace team a 22k miles due to uneven ware. My hope is with the washer fix and alignment my new tires will give 30k at least.

I started tracking monthly with my trip meter.

Wh/mile. Ideal range after full charge
Sep 298 Wh/mi 2013
Oct 305 Wh/mi
Nov 320 Wh/mi
Dec 360 Wh/mi
Jan 370
Feb 370
Mar 346 2450 mi
April 298 2377 mi charge 138 8am
May 290 1777 New Summer Rims & Primacy XMX4 Tires 5/16

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Probably have posted on this thread previously. 36000 miles 335 Wh/mi lifetime. Prior to my speeding ticket was 348 wH/mi.

22000 miles on my S85. Lifetime has been 309 Wh/mi. This includes three trips between Phoenix and Seattle.

3 days, 180 miles, averaging 345 wh/m here

I have a goal average of less than 300 wh/m, but don't seem to have the magic. 'Fabio' will be one month old tomorrow, and I have about 2,500 miles with a fairly even split between highway and city. My settings are all set, indicating that I want max range and I am a relatively unaggressive driver [unless I happen to be the first car at a red light... I can't help myself... that zero-to-speed limit timeframe is sooooo much fun]; I keep my AC setting at a balmy 78; I will get up to 80 on the highway if the traffic flow dictates- otherwise I will take the most steady speed lane; I added less-than-legal tint to decrease the influence of the Florida sun, but I still cannot get my average under 340!

The terrain in the Tampa region is relatively flat, traffic is generally heavy, and temperature hits the 90s
on a daily basis [all out of my control]l

I've been willing to be uncomfortably warm, added a 5th door window screen, don't open the windows or sunroof when the weather beckons for it, and drive below my pre-Fabio speeds in order to reach my goal, since I [at least initially] felt that I could do long distance travel once I hit my goal... but cannot seem to make much of a dent in my average.

Please do not make me give up my zero-to-speed-limit Tesla pleasure; but if you have any suggestions as to what else I can do to decrease my Wh/m average- I AM ALL EARS

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