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I miss hearing from George B.

George has been awfully quiet for some time, anyone know what he's been up to? It seems like 6 months since I've heard anything from/about him. Or have I just missed those posts?

Elon got the last couple with the hyperloop and the battery fire non-event.

Yeah... I miss George too. I loved his posts.

Maybe he is learning the Chinese language so that he can take away most of the hurdles for Tesla Motors in China all by himself?

I wouldn't expect anything between now and the earnings call in any case. It seems like they no longer do regular updates unless there's some special reason, and while part of me also misses that, I mostly think it's just as well that they let the quarterly numbers speak for themselves.

Maybe he's out working on those Lighted Vanity Mirrors he promised us in his 8.2.12 post.

Isn't Jerome the new George?

Yes would be nice to see those lighted visors. But I don't think we will ever see them. Another promise not kept....

GB is busy making arrangements to open more stores in the US and Internationally. I would not expect to hear from him on a regular basis anymore. You might get a comment quarterly but don't count on it.

He could be in Europe too

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