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Limited Cell Phone Service - Connectivity for the Model S?

I do not get cell service at the house (my nearest neighbors are elk & deer at 8,500 feet) so AT&T gave me a micro-cell tower booster so my iPhone gets service like VoIP while at home.

I can register other AT&T phones - why not the car? I just need a number...

Any suggestions - I called the Ownership Experience folks in Palo Alto and they are starting to check into it.

I know Tesla will be making the car WiFi compatible soon, and this may be the best solution, but thought I would see if anyone else has solved this issue.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

There is a discussion about this on TMC. One owner had asked Tesla for the phone number for the car and at least initially, they wouldn't give it to him. I don't know how it was resolved.

I'm really hoping I can get it when they launch their plans. I would rather put it on my mobile share plan than pay full price or have to worry about tethering.

I am absolutely in agreement with brdunton. The service center replied that I cannot get the phone number until Tesla does not pay for the plan... so guess I will have to wait.

Have you tried tethering yet?


Hey Rod, I'm in the same position with an ATT Microcell for my home, keep me posted on your progress. Sorry you weren't at the Rally, Wanted to meet you, My Red S will be heading up Greystone and Stagecoach in the near future!


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