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Lucky Germans!

can have electronically limited top speed of 130 mph uncapped for the Autobahn

yea, and that 135kW SuperCharger will be ultra fast, at least at the beginning of the charging session...

how many 120kW chargers are already available in US?

I think the article took license over what Elon actually said. Elon didn't say the speed limit of the Model S would change, just tuning, which to me means suspension mods. We'll know Thursday when the press release comes out.

135kW Superchargers Coming to the US by next year.

And they'll be upgradable even beyond that.

If you run the car at 130 mph for more than a few minutes, I am fairly sure the heat will bring on a performance limiting mode fairly quickly. That is how it was in the Roadster. Has anyone done 130 mph more than a few seconds?

I think Elon is feeling generous and is going to give all German buyers an automatic P+ upgrade! Well one can dream...


The roadster had an air cooled motor, Model S has a water cooled motor, overheating at 130 mph seems very unlikely, as the air flow through the heat exchangers will increase proportionately to the speed. Also, the battery will be empty in less than an hour, maybe 30 minutes or so.

How long would it take to charge from 0-200 miles using 135kW?

Germany has better freeways they drive better "no trucks and slow people driving to the left side" no old smoking cars with broken tile lights are allow to transit, and the no ridiculous 55 mph that we still have and nobody follows.

Half of American drivers don't know how to drive and, for whatever reasons, half of these drivers like to stay on the fast lane. Unlike in Europe that you can flash to signal your intention to pass they will get offended by that and hit the brake to slow down even more. It's no fun to drive fast here unless your are the aggressive type who will tailgate or cut in and out to pass.

Americans seem like hillbillies compared to the Germans when it comes to driving behavior.

AR - not really. Main reason are the difference in rules and much longer distances.
Major German cities are only 60-100 miles apart... it is like driving from San Jose to San Francisco - really no need for a snack with cup holders.

Is not only Germans East Europe has high requirements for driving,in order to obtain a driver license you rally need to learn how to drive, if you get flashed driving on the left line you move or they will kick your a** at the next station, other concern is that in America you see old cars with the emission sticker until 2050 smoking and dripping oil, broken tail lights, totally unsafe if you drive to 150mph. Btw the average accidents in Europe are less than America.

Flashing someone ahead of you to get them to move over is just as illegal in Europe as it is in the US and you will get ticketed a hefty fine if they catch you.

@Carefree Are you from Germany? From what I heard I always thought it's OK to flash to pass and people commonly do that there. So I did some Googling it looks my original believe is still right. No?

"It's only considered slightly rude to flash to pass".

" If you happen to be in that Porsche, note that a short flash of the high beams is an acceptable way to let another driver know you want to pass."

The German (and Europe in general) have on board chargers that are about 11 KW each. So the German (and presumably all European) Superchargers have the same 12 on board chargers that we do. It is just 11 *12 is around 135 KW.

My source is


"The roadster had an air cooled motor, Model S has a water cooled motor, overheating at 130 mph seems very unlikely, as the air flow through the heat exchangers will increase proportionately to the speed."

Um, no Vall, the S does NOT have a water cooled motor. Its motor is air cooled too. Perhaps you are thinking of the main battery, which is cooled by an ethylene glycol/water mix.

Dave everything is liquid cooled.

"Model S is a rear wheel drive electric vehicle. The liquid-cooled powertrain includes the battery, motor, drive inverter, and gear box."

I think there's some misreading of the article as well. In one place it says 130mph, in another it says greater than 130kph....

"With ... an electronically-limited top speed of 130 mph, the Tesla Model S ... as refined and enjoyable above the 130kph (80mph) Richtgeschwindlgkeit (advisory speed limit) as it is at lower speeds."

It is not illegal to flash lights to pass, only if you come to close and force someone to move over by tailgating. If u flash from a distance to attract attention it's frowned upon but not punishable. I live in the Netherlands just 5 kliks from the german border. So i at least could know ;) if you can read german

My understanding is that there are 3 separate liquid cooling loops. One for the main battery, one for the internal cabin cooling and one for the motor/inverter. Picked this up at a Tesla event but do not recall seeing it in print anywhere. Would be nice to see an overall schematic diagram..

Regardless of the cooling inside, I don't think anyone will be doing 130 mph for long periods of time in a Model S. Either it will overheat or the battery pack will run down really fast.

I suspect you wouldn't even get 100 miles of range at 130 mph. Maybe 120 miles.

30-45 minutes perhaps before you need to reach a Supercharger? I doubt anyone would drive at 130 mph when the battery is below 20%.

Then 30 minutes for a recharge at 135 kW? (20% to 80%)

It would likely be faster overall to just drive 70-80 mph for a road trip.

And I suspect that type of regular 130 mph driving would be horrible for the long term health of the battery pack. Total capacity would likely drop quickly with that type of regular abuse.

The advantage of EVs is in the acceleration. Top speed for any long distance is not likely to be an area where Teslas are competitive with BMW or Mercedes or Audi.

Yes, I am German - I've been living in the US though for the past 20 years. Flashing your high beams on the Autobahn to get the right of way is a very gray area. There is a thin line between letting someone know you are coming and you want to pass and "forcing" someone to move over. There have been many cases where the "offending" driver was handed a ticket when caught.

These days the Autobahn is so clogged that it's almost pointless to not have a speed limit. In most cases you can't go faster than 120-130km anyway because the traffic is so horrific.

I used to live in Germany back in 88-89 (when it was still West Germany). Even then I recall many areas near cities where there were speed limits on the Autobahn.

Isn't it true that most of the Autobahn is limited in speed now?


Most European countries can provide 3-phase 230V current with 16 or even 32 Amps. Teslas standard charge cable for those countries accepts 3x16 Amp = 48 Amp x 230V = 11040W. This was one of the reasons to enhance the charger to 11KW.


while it feels that way sometimes when you need to get somewhere quickly, most of the Autobahn is still without a speed limit:-)

I think they might do one of these two things.

1 change the gear ratio from 9.73:1 to get a higher top end. Would sacrifice some acceleration.

2. Have a super cruise mode. Above a given speed automatically or manually engage super cruise. This would allow the car to accelerate rapidly and yet at high cruise speed change gearing to reduce current draw on battery.

After watching the video, I don't think Elon is saying the top speed will be higher. It sounds more like it is adjustments to made the ride feel better at 130 mph or similar high speeds.

My understanding is that the Model S is limited at 130 mph electronically. The induction motor may be capable of higher rpm and the necessary torque. The inverter would have to supply the frequency and necessary current. I do not know the specs.

Regardless, if the German market requires, Tesla will have to soup up the Model S. I think it will be easier to add AWD and supply the additional speed and power. May need stronger batteries. Does not make sense just to send all the power to the real wheels.

This is to be offered free to all new and existing owners. Argues against hardware modification, esp. gear replacement. And definitely NOT dual gearing. That's a massive change, not happening.

It's a "tuning". Almost certainly S/W only. Boosted cooling is likely central.

Wish we could go max speed like on the Autobahn here in the U.S. too, it'd be nice to get the Model S tuned "Autobahn-ready" versions Elon is alluding to here in the U.S. Jealous.

Anyhow, just saw a nice online resource to pass along for those lucky Model S owners in Germany that could prove helpful... Valet Instructions for the Model S translated into German:

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