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Mazda recently claimed the highest MPG for their SUV at 34 mpg.

This s just a heads up so the powers that be can correct the advertisement.

What's is this thread for? What does the cx-5 have to do with the model x?

MPG and MPGe are not the same. And the Model X is a) not in production b) not an SUV.

Well the X IS in production and the use of mpg is being used to compare to EV's mpg, so I would assume it IS pertinent. However, no biggie either way. SImply put, the Tesla would get more mpg's than the Mazda and thought Tesla should be aware of this claim.

Furthermore "Model X is designed from the ground up to blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan, " so I felt okay with the comparison.

Yet again, no the X is not in production, and isn't supposed to be in production until late 2014.

MPGe refers to the "conversion" of 1 gallon of gas being equal to 33.4kwh. So the Model S can go 94-97 miles (EPA claim) on 33.4kwh.

The CX5 is being compared only to other vehicles in its class. Gas only. That's the only way Mazda could claim that figure in the first place.

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