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Model S Del. Moving Fast

Got all my paper work in on the 28th Dec. 2012. Just got notified on the 17th to schedule del. Just been told to expect delivery between Jan 27th and Aug 10th. Can t wait very ecxited.

That's a really large delivery window :o)
Hope you get yours soon...

I took delivery last week. OMG what an amazing car. A heads up, there is a known issue in software where an issue with your 12V battery. You can call the service line to have them check your battery. Mine was fine and it will be fixed in next sw update. Enjoy!

I got the same delivery window Jan 27- Feb 10). Then they went dark, haven't received word on exact date yet.

Got my Vin # on Saturday so I know I'm getting close. Call your Colo. rep Sara in Palo Alto I'm sure she can probably help out with up to date info.

I was about 2 weeks from vin to delivery. Exciting news!

Just got my VIN today. Rep said there were many Model S being shipped out to Colorado for March 7th delivery!!!

Tesla303- Congrats-- You are going to love it!

Moving fast, but not fast enough for someone waiting for 40 kWH :D

I was at the Denver Service Center today. There were about 15 Model S there, including 8 new ones. As I was leaving, an 18-wheeler pulled in with 3 more new cars. No, I did not get any VINs, but here's the color combos I saw:
Brown P85 with tan seats and brown pipping. Gorgeous
Black P85 with black leather and red pipping.
2 Pearl white, one with tan seats and the other with black seats
Green with tan seats
Silver with black seats
Silver with dark grey fabric seats
Standard white with tan seats

Fun place to visit and the guys working there were great. I had to have my 12-V battery replaced, as it wasn't charging.

The black on black one was mine.... Holy Moses this car is freaking unreal!

@Tesla303 Yes- Yes it is.


I am new to thi forum and get my car on Wednesday Black 85 with tan leather. I live in Evergreen in Greystone Lazy Acres. I am very excited and look forward to seeing my co-owners on the road soon!


Rodhoffman- congrats! I live in the Ridge at Hiwan and Tumult lives in Soda Creek. Welcome to the "Evergreen S Chapter!" Be sure to RSVP for the Mt Evans Road Rally June 8th. See you one the road in our Bluetiful Model S, plate KCK GAS.

Velo1 - GREAT plate!

I will register for the rally - how many other Tesla owners are in the area?

BTW - I signed up for ChargePoint and SemaCharge cards and I am planning a trip to New Belgium this weekend - if the weather cooperates. Have you used any of the public stations in the area yet? I checked out two Walgreen stations - one in Evergreen and one in Monument - they should be free, and I signed up for a card just in case.

At home I am 100% solar PV that I purchased 19 months ago and I plan to expand once I justify the higher power use with car charging.

Thanks for the welcome!

RodHoffman- congratulations & you will enjoy! I too am thinking about expanding my PV array. I'm in Highlands Ranch. Only saw 3 Ss in the last 3 months. My plate is TSLA EV.

Welcome to the club... Im in Golden!

Hello to all my Colorado Tesla Alumni! My name is James and my wife and I will be receiving our S toward the end of May. I am currently working overseas in Saudi Arabia of all places for the world’s largest oil producer. (Ironic isn’t it?) I can’t wait to get off of fossil fuels and stop paying the high price of gas, especially after being over here. Anyway we are down in southern CO and we were curious if there were other S owners in southern CO?


I think there may be someone in Durango that would be near you. What town/city are you gonig to be nearest? Look through the forums as one chap picked his up in Denver and drove it all the way home over Vail pass and south through Aspen/Snowmass. He mentioned a charging stations along the way at the ski resorts so plan ahead now.

I joined Chargepoint and Semacharge - these are private charge cards that use RFId technology but most of their public stations are free - just a bit slow - 15 kwh per hour. Semacharge stations are at many Colorado Walgreens (one in Evergreen 5 miles off of I-70). Their location software is a bit wonky as the one I found in Colorado Springs was 2 miles from the Ap published location. Just be aware and try to get confirmation in advance.

There are also private charging locations in RV parks but you will want to check in advance as well - these may be the card activated ones and when signing up for a card you can "deposit" $20 - $25 so it is essentially pre-paid. I have not found the need to use the pay location yet and I just drove from Evergreen to Fort Collins New Belgium Brewery where I charged free (get a universal card at their "reception" area and charge away! This also gives you front row parking!

Rod in Evergreen

I am in Parker, and I should be getting my red P85 in mid-May. I cannot wait!

@Rod... Thank you Rod for the useful information. This is James here. My wife and I are in Canon City we drive to Denver quite often so the Walgreens location in Monument will be a very good location for us (just in case). Have you used the charger at the Park Meadows Mall?
We should be recieving our Model S in May, and we can't wait! The excitement is killing us. I think about the S almost every darn day! Thank you again!


I have used the Park Meadows Mall charge location (in the garage) as it is under Tesla's control. They use it for their test drive cars and several owner/sales staff. It is sometimes full so call the Lonetree sales office (located in the mall) first and they will have a spot reserved for you. You will need to back in at an angle so do a bit of practice first as it is a wide car and it takes some getting used to using the rear camera which has an amazing wide view.

What color did you get? Performance or not? I chose the non-performance model as I am already suspect about getting speeding tickets with this much instant power. I was thinking about red until a current Tesla owner called it "Arrest me Red"... ha ha!

There is also an application for iPhone called PlugShare where people have added their home charging locations to the public ones shown on SemaCharge, ChargePoint, and Recargo. It is a "just in case" situation.

BTW - I have a black 85 with tan leather, tech package, air suspension, upgraded stereo, paint armor, and panoramic roof - I just look for reasons to drive around - seriously! Lots of head turns and we have 4 in Evergreen that I know of.

I suggest taking delivery at the Denver Service Center as you get some really nice insights from current owners. They also can fix ormake any minor adjustments on the spot - I got a cargo net. It was a very nice experience.


That was me that called it Arrest-me Red, but mine is dark bluetiful. I want to see the red up close, so go for it.

Yes, I have used the Park Meadows charger, and it is always good to call the store ahead to ensure it's available.

As for excuses to drive it - it is real. My wife asked me to go to King Sooper and get milk, bread, and pick up a prescription. I returned home and said "here's the milk, now I will go get the bread..." no, just kidding, but I have found a few days after working at home that I simply hop in the Model S and drive down to Morrison and back - just for fun.

OMG! We are getting an 85kw black and tan also! LOL With the tech, air suspension, duel charging and pano roof. Thanks guys for the heads up on calling ahead to the mall. I figure it would be a good spot to charge while the family gets a bite to eat and does a little shopping.
I have already downloaded the Recargo app for iphone and I’ll check out Plugshare too. I think I will have a BBQ the day that it is delivered, so that friends and family can come check it out. I also just think it is so cool to have it delivered to the house. I can just see it now… All my neighbors will see what is going on and come and check it out too. Just a little bragging and showing off ya know!
@Velo… I love the “Arrest me red” statement! 

Glenn, welcome to the Parker Tesla club. You might see me driving around town. Sig red with the blue Carbon Fund plate.

Add me to the Parker Tesla Club, will have my 60w Black on black with all the options, delivered end of April.

Can't wait!!!

Anybody else on the forum live up here in north Denver Metro/Boulder/Longmont? I finally saw another Model S in the wild, last evening, at a restaurant in Longmont: it was metallic green and looked stunning.

I saw a white one on the Boulder turnpike last weekend at about 730 am (was driving my daughter up to a CU Boulder admitted student event).

After next Thursday, you can start looking for our red one in Boulder.

@ JaneW Congratulations!

Hey Jane,
Our black60 must have came in on the same delivery as yours, we are also scheduled for Thursday in Broomfield!

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