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Mr Elon Blog about the NY time reporter

Mr Elon I understand what the reporter has done but in your point of view don't you think the average person who never drove a electric car would do the same mistake. It's his point of view as its your point of view if he had plan this trip he would never had never run out of battery charge. After saying that the car is great car to drive. He never said it wasn't. I have drove Model S and love your electric car. The biggest problem today is people are ready for electric cars but battery's are not ready for people.

With a 85 kw battery Tesla state you can do 300 miles at 55 mph. But in the real world it doesn't. When you add wind, rain, temperature, snow, speed and many other factors you never get that distance. So you set up you car to be criticized by anybody. Like all electric cars the problem is range. SC station help a lot but nobody want to spend 30 min. to a hour charging when you go for a long trip. Maybe the reporter was thinking the same thing.

As for me Model S is the best electric car I ever drove. You notice I didn't say the best car. For that it's has to go 400- 600 miles to a full charge like ICE cars do. But as city car I would say it the best car around. Saying that you put number up what the reporter did. All is fair I have my numbers too which you web site doesn't put up. At -28C 85kw with a full charge and dry road Model S can only do 150 miles at 55-60 mph with 30 miles left just in case. Give or take total 160-178 miles. That means you better charge before 150 miles just to be safe. Here are other number what battery's do over time and speed

In final thank you for bring back the electric car. Keep improvIng the car and some day everybody will be able you buy a electric car in the future.

@goneskiian - I've been to the Milford rest stop. The charger is not hard to find - I found it in about 30 seconds. I don't have my Model S yet - was just checking it out. No way it takes 5 minutes of back and forth driving to find. This is only one inconsistency in Broder's story. The details on speed and climate settings very clearly prove he was lying. The New York Times should step up and retract his article.

Engadget With some wise words i think

The Model S is provides satisfactory range for city driving and intermediate trip ranges. With supercharging that is being deployed, long trips are practical. Cold places will need SC at 100 miles intervals.

Tesla could improve GPS software to help challenged drivers like Mr Broder of the NYT. Enter the destination, mode of driving (fast to speed limit or economic). Then the GPS would tell the driver when and where to recharge the car based on the chargers in the area. Tell the driver to slow down if needed to conserve energy, reduce HVAC use, etc. Tesla superchargers could have usage info to provide queue time over the internet to the GPS in the car. The map software needs to be improved anyway to show the car going in front, rather than point North.

Over time, the Tesla cars will improve range, etc. That is how technology works. And at lower cost. Look at the cooking ovens, hard drives, all electromechanical devices. Even my kids Li-Ion RC helicopters are cheaper and fly longer.

I am an infrequent blogger but I'm on BrianH's side with this one regarding nickniketown's illiteracy.

If you come to do battle with an educated, well-informed and enthusiastic group such as this, then you need to be able to prepare to be wounded and have your weaknesses revealed.

If your are not fully conversant with the English language and then CONTINUE to showcase your ignorance of the facts of the topics and issues at hand then you will be harshly "graded" by the members of this blog.

This just on NPR about 3.15pm PST.

Chelsea from Wired mag gave a fair overview about this debacle.
Talked about the wrong expectations for an EV. Also compared early cell phones - bricks with limited battery life.
Like most of us she reiterated its a new product, give it time, don't compare it to a century of ICE development.
Said she loved the S and enjoyed driving it.

As the intelligent media folk get onto this, the truth will out to a wider audience.

Overall, Tesla has had a lot more airtime and media attention than in a long while. More potential buyers and fellow enthusiasts are on the horizon.

@kbackman - Thank you for the clarification on that. Perhaps then he was truly trying to see how much of a reserve beyond 0 miles to go there is. Humans are inherently curious so I could see that perhaps he felt he was safe that close to a Supercharger so he thought he'd test it out.

To zero2hide

Who are you and who do think you are. It takes one to know one. Keep your name calling to yourself. You have no class. BTW I speak 5 languages. Nobody is perfect. We are taking about Mr. Elon Musk and the NY times. Keep to the subject or get out of here.

Zero2hide +1. Your thoughts are welcome

To elasarte and GeirT

Your little baby name calling doesn't work in here. I wouldn't reply back and be rude to you. I have more classe than that.

Everybody has their point of view. We are all here to learn and see who is lying and who not.. What I see Mr. Musk is trying to sell cars no matter if the reporter was right or not. But in the real world a Model S fall short doing 300 miles.

My brother live in Quebec city. He can't reach Montreal which is 170 miles away when it's --28C So he charge at 120 miles away. The car is great maybe in the south but I live in NH and the weather is cold and hilly here. Range is going to be a problem for me. So anybody in the same situation as me. I like them to know. Advice is cheap and experience is expensive.

Keep you baby comment to yourself. Nobody care what you think unless they are like you. Good luck.

@nickniketown@gm... you are wrong - nobody cares anymore what you have to say. The car is clearly not for you - so good bye, have a nice day.


Nobody cares what you think too. If you don't like what a say just move on. You are not open minded.

Have a nice week and enjoy life.

One tiny note: electronics perform better in the cold. To get the max out of them, they are run at liquid nitrogen or helium temperatures! What doesn't work in the cold is batteries. They need molecular agitation to get the electrolyte chemicals moving around. (But not too much!)

A point that could have been made: many owners routinely make trips like Broder failed to accomplish just fine. Including that exact route!

There are always going to be marginal applications. The questions are: Are they known? Do they matter to most people?
In this case the answers are: "Pretty well, improving with time," and "Generally not; the existing working parameters are fine for almost all owners, especially with a bit of practice."

The rest is sound and fury, signifying nothing.

To july10 model s, I rest my case. Check wall street journal video.

Brian H

Agree with you but I worry over time are EV going to get better or the oil company's gong to kill the EV like they did my EV1 I had in the pass. I don't trust anybody what they say or do. It all about money.

Brian H; you are exaggerating, electrolyte capacitors freeze, semiconductors start to act funny, coils do things they are not supposed to do and so on in that cold. Electronics have their operational temperatures just like batteries do, and extreme cold is not good for them either. Usually though overheating is more a problem then too cold (your PC processor gets really hot without cooling in no time flat).

Back in the day, I edited a tech article called "Supercooling to a GigaHertz", when PCs were struggling to hit 238MHz! They did it, with liquid nitrogen. Screens and such don't like cold as much, of course, but the ICs love it. Ever hear of Josephson Junctions? Purpose-designed for superconducting, of course.

Yes, your universal distrust and assumption that everyone is money-motivated probably serves you well - usually. But some are aware that dying rich is no reward and of little satisfaction. I consider that Musk is one of those.

Brain H

I don't think Musk is one of them. Only time will tell. Nobody knows what on anybody mind that means Mr. Musk too. The electric car has been around for more than 100 years. He just learn there a market for it like other car companies to make money.

Speaking as a P85 owner, and living in Chicago, range anxiety has not been an issue in relation to cold or sub zero temps. Yes there is a degradation in the mileage as has been reported, but unless you plan on driving more than 200 miles per day, range should not be an issue. Also if all Tesla owners only planned on using the tesla superchargers and no other available charging stations throughout the country, of which there are thousands, then shame on them. The whole point of EV cars is to try to begin a change in the everyday thinking of an ICE car owner, that we are all a party too.

That has specifically been addressed many times by him and others. If you want to get rich, starting car and rocket companies is one of the last approaches you should take. He got down to having spent the rent and food money one or two times. Very bad strategy.

Your opinions are becoming progressively more irrational.

He's 12 for gods sake - will people cut him some slack. Not illiterate, not irrational, just juvenile. It shall pass with time.

You are saying that child age makes irrational rational? I don't agree with that. I have seen several quite rational kids.

@ nickniketown

Go away!

Geir T

Get a life or go play in traffic

I truly believe you have totally missed the point. WE DON’T WANT YOUR OPINION, WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE. You are not wanted here! I will reiterate “this is a forum for Tesla ENTHUSIASTS not for people like yourself”. So, just leave, kick rocks!!


Have to wonder if that last post was too grammatically correct for the intended audience.

Shall I corrected it.

Why did Elon refer to Norway and Switzerland in his blog? Not a single Model S has been delivered customers here yet... Plenty of reservations but still...

@borge.angell Roadsters. They did make another car, once upon a time.

I know... But they didn't sell "highest per capita"... More like 30 in total... Reservations for the S in Norway are highest per capita. Waiting for delivery myself:)

The way I see it, bad reporting is detrimental to the civilized world. I have a model s and it surpasses my expectations, however I did take time to read the owner's manual and I use common sense. If you do not actually have the car then what you say is speculation not actual real world experience. It seems like the owners are very happy. We would be better off if the reporter had run out of gas, and I do not mean in his car.

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