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Mr Elon Blog about the NY time reporter

Mr Elon I understand what the reporter has done but in your point of view don't you think the average person who never drove a electric car would do the same mistake. It's his point of view as its your point of view if he had plan this trip he would never had never run out of battery charge. After saying that the car is great car to drive. He never said it wasn't. I have drove Model S and love your electric car. The biggest problem today is people are ready for electric cars but battery's are not ready for people.

With a 85 kw battery Tesla state you can do 300 miles at 55 mph. But in the real world it doesn't. When you add wind, rain, temperature, snow, speed and many other factors you never get that distance. So you set up you car to be criticized by anybody. Like all electric cars the problem is range. SC station help a lot but nobody want to spend 30 min. to a hour charging when you go for a long trip. Maybe the reporter was thinking the same thing.

As for me Model S is the best electric car I ever drove. You notice I didn't say the best car. For that it's has to go 400- 600 miles to a full charge like ICE cars do. But as city car I would say it the best car around. Saying that you put number up what the reporter did. All is fair I have my numbers too which you web site doesn't put up. At -28C 85kw with a full charge and dry road Model S can only do 150 miles at 55-60 mph with 30 miles left just in case. Give or take total 160-178 miles. That means you better charge before 150 miles just to be safe. Here are other number what battery's do over time and speed

In final thank you for bring back the electric car. Keep improvIng the car and some day everybody will be able you buy a electric car in the future.

Ok let's go park our cars in front on the NYT office and go to Starbucks and sound the horns from the app.


Yes why don't you leave and take your own advice. We don't need people like you who have nothing to say but bash people on this forum. Get a life.

I like your idea, but they would probably think we were honking because we needed a charge, or that it was a malfunction.

You are right it is a broder idea.

Some of my interchange with Broder:

I guess you just like getting hammered or you have a reading comprehension problem. I am not the only person on this forum that thinks you should leave.

Regardless of whom you believe in the Tesla-NYT spat, you cannot help but observe this flaw:
Almost all the way from Washington DC to New York to Connecticut — a relatively short-haul trip for those accustomed to the simplicity, reliability, and convenience of modern cars — Broder was worried about running out of power. When his situation became critical, the Tesla began barking at him, ordering him to stop to recharge the battery immediately.
No normal driver accustomed to the freedom of driving a gas-powered or hybrid car would never voluntarily subject themselves to that.
They would either buy an all-electric car only for tooling around their neighborhoods or cities — or, with uber-rich drivers, for impressing their friends with a gorgeous, unusual, and sexy rich person's toy.
And the latter, of course, is what today's Teslas are.
They're amazing machines. Awesome to look at, cool to show off, and awesome to drive.
But, as The NYT's experience revealed, they're just toys.
No normal driver who was looking for a means of reliable, flexible, and convenient transportation would buy one as their primary vehicle, especially with gas still being so relatively cheap.
And that means that, for their owners, Teslas and other all-electric cars will be second or third (or fourth or fifth or sixth) cars.
Hopefully, in the future, battery technology and electric-car-infrastructure will advance to the point where all-electric cars have essentially infinite ranges, charging stations will be everywhere, and the cars can be charged immediately and conveniently, with a quick stop for "gas."
Or, maybe, electric car companies like Tesla will introduce super-cheap, super-convenient models that are designed to be used primarily for getting around town (and are priced for that convenience).
Either of those things would significantly reduce the inconvenience, stress, and high cost involved of owning one of today's all-electric cars--and, thereby, make them more useful. And at that point the decision would come down to the price-value tradeoff. (A tradeoff that is very important for people who can't afford to just buy an all-electric car as a toys.)
Until those things happen, though — all-electric cars will remain what they are today:
Curiosities and toys.
None of which is to say that Tesla isn't an amazing success story (it is), or that, for those who can afford a $100,000+ third or fourth car, Teslas aren't awesome. They are.

Broder writes that Musk called him to apologize for his bad experience with the car, and agreed that the charging stations needed to be closer together.

You keep neglecting to mention that the reason he had troubles is that he never fully charged the car.

If he had fully charged the car, he would've been fine - like plenty of people who aren't "subjecting themselves" to anything - they just operate the vehicle and charging competently.

Broder did not exercise a baseline competency in this arena. People who buy Teslas will.

Arch, if you feed him, he'll never leave.

nickniketown the last trip I made with my ICE before I got my S the car was barking at me because it wanted gas. I was very concerned about running out of gas before I reached my destination.... so I will never drive that ICE again. Why should I put up with that?

People are ready for electric car the problem is batteries are not ready for people. I hate to say that but ICE are going to be around for a longtime and electric cars are still made for city range or a rich man toy. Batteries reach their limitations. We need to find another type energy to drive a electric cars. Batteries today are a dead end mostly when they hit 5-10 years.

One Norwegian, e.g., N. of the Arctic circle, bought a Roadster. Then 2 more to give to his daughter and g/f.

please let this thread die. please. We have better things to talk about...

Yawn. In "5-10 years" batteries will be substantially improved. Anyway, you persist in refusing to acknowledge that almost all MSes are used as superb daily drivers, with the batteries full every morning. This delights those tired to death of hitting the gas stations at least once a week and shelling out bigtime.

As for l/d, the % of trips it cannot readily handle will get smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Hyping the shrinking pool of exceptions is just FUD-mongering. Which you're evidently enjoying.

There's a reason those getting the MS overwhelmingly intend never to buy a gas car again. Or rather, many reasons.

nn -- is your name John Peterson?

No.... do you read his books. Pretty sure you do.

Brian H

EV are great for everyday city driving and going to work but for now not on long trips. 95% People don't drive no more than 30-60 miles a day. For that EV you can't beat that. That why BMW and Mercedes are coming out with cars with 100 mile range. They know what the market place is with EV. As for me if all the bugs are fix with Model S than I might be glad to get one. And on long trips or a weekend get away I drive my 2012 MB SL

@nickniketown@gm... | FEBRUARY 16, 2013: As for me if all the bugs are fix with Model S than I might be glad to get one.

You had mentioned in some other post that you had a GM EV1. I had one too and now have a Tesla Model S. I would say the Model S is obviously a superior car and has been more trouble free than the EV1. If you could put up with the EV1, then I think you will be happy with the Model S as it stands now.

I like to wait and see no rush

NN: Vielleicht hilft es, wenn ich Dir so antworte. Dieses Forum ist speziell für Personen die beabsichtigen, ein Fahrzeug von Tesla Motors zu kaufen oder dies bereits getan haben. Ebenso werden hier verwandte Themen besprochen. Wenn Du zweckdienliche, hilfreiche und positive Informationen und Ideen beisteuern kannst oder Deine Reservationsnummer mitteilen möchtest, dann sind sicher alle Leser froh darüber. Negativ belastete Spekulationen solltest Du aber für Dich behalten. Das bringt hier nichts.

In Deiner Letzten Meldung zu diesem Forumsbeitrag schreibst Du, dass das Model S unausgereift ist und es nur Idioten, Deppen, Dummköpfe, Narren (=fools) zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt kaufen würden. Mit dieser Aussage trittst Du mir als Kunde von Tesla Motors definitiv zu nahe.

Lass mich bitte bestätigen, dass meine Frau und ich in unserem Haushalt in den letzten 15 Jahren diverse Fahrzeuge von Audi, BMW, Mercedes AMG und Jaguar hatten und lass mich bitte auch bestätigen, dass mich diese Hersteller erst wieder in einem ihrer Ausstellungsräume antreffen, wenn sie ein adequates Elektrofahrzeug anbieten, welches mindestens auf dem Stand des Model S ist. Und zwar ganz ohne fossile Energieträger und ganz ohne Verschiebung der Abhängigkeit von Öl / Gas zu Wasserstoff.

Die Tatsache, dass wir hier in einem Forum eines US Amerikanischen Jungunternehmens kommunizieren und nicht im Forum eines bekannten Herstellers aus Deutschland ist einfach nur ein abgrundtief peinliches Armutszeugnis für die gesamte Automobilindustrie Deutschlands. Niemand kann mir angeben, dass man zwar einen Panamera oder eine S Klasse auf dem heutigen Niveau baut, aber nicht in der Lage sein soll, einen angemessenen Elektroantrieb zu bauen. Ausser bei Daimler sind alle ernsthafen Anstrengungen eingestellt. Fadenscheinige Ausreden, wo man hinschaut. So sehen die Tatsachen aus.

Es ist ganz einfach: Wer will, der findet einen Weg. Wer nicht will, der findet eine Ausrede.

Du brauchst auf diese Nachricht nicht mehr zu antworten. Falls Du es doch tust, so habe wenigstens den Mut, Deinen richtigen Namen anzugeben.

Beste Grüsse


Hi guys, translation to follow.

Patrick - what makes you think he is German? It's an interesting twist.

Viele Gruesse:


Translation of above post:

NN: Perhaps it will help if I reply to your message like this [i. e. in German language]. This forum has been created for people who wish to purchase or have already purchased a vehicle from Tesla Motors, and / or who wish to discuss related topics. If there is any useful, relevant and positive-minded information you would like to share, or if you would like to post your reservation number, then I am sure the fellow readers will be hapyp about that. You should keep negative speculation to yourself, though. There is no need for it here.

In your last reply to this post you state your opinion about the status of development Model S is in at present, and what you consider current buyers to be. I find this offensive and I disapprove of your choice of words.

Let me confirm that during the past 15 years, my wife and I owned various cars from Audi, BMW, Merc AMG and Jaguar. Please also let me confirm that these manufacturers will not see me in one of their showrooms again until they start offering adequate electric vehicles, at least on eye-level with the Model S. Free from hydrocarbons and without attemting to shift to hydrogen.

The fact that we discuss this issue on the forum of a US startup, and not on the forum of a premium manufacturer from Germany is nothing short of a huge confession of failure by the entire German automotive industry. Nobody can tell me that corporations capable of procuding a Panamera or an S Series are still not capable of produding adequate electric vehicles. Except at Daimler, all serious efforts have been stopped. Flimsy excuses whereever one looks. These are the facts.

It is very simple: He who wants to, will find a way. He who doesn't want to, will find an excuse.

There is no need for you to reply to this message. But if you do, then please find the courage to write your proper name.

Best regards



Don't know Juergen... language, mentions German manufacturers... Just thought he might be an IT consultant from the South.

Schöne Grüsse, Patrick

nickniketown should be banned from the forum. He copies articles from the internet and posts them as his own. You can easily recognize the copied posts by the actual language and grammar used.

Everybody is entitled an opinion. Nobody is entitled plagiarism.

Yes, his freeform English is infantile.

Just flag all his posts. I figure that will solve the problem easily.

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