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New charging indicators?

Saw this picture posted by Tesla on Facebook and it stumped me. Do the reflectors really turn green when charging? I dont see the lit charge port either, but it may just be the picture.

Looks like a reflection.

Europan car, no light around charge port, lights in reflector aft of port.

The EU and asia cars do this...

@Mclary. Be nice

Yep, that is an European model. I believe due to the sixe of the UMC connector, the ring we have on the U.S. model would be blocked. Hence the relocation of the lights.

That would explain why the ChaDeMo adapter is also specific to the region

@mclary Don't be a D!@K!

Australian cars are this configuration. The European type 2 plug our car comes with is much wider in diameter than the USA model which Is proprietary to Tesla. You can see the flange where the plug meets the socket in the photo posted above.

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I am not sure that McClary understands the point to this thread.

@plusplusjames, haha!

European (and Australian, and I believe Chinese) cars have a modified Type 2 connector rather than the Tesla-proprietary one used in the US, Canada and Japan.

This is mostly because 3 phase charging is much more common in those geographies, so the connector to the car needs more conductors than the US one has.

The Type 2 plug is quite a bit bigger than the US plug, so there is no room behind the charge door for the "ring of lights" so they built the signal LEDs into the lighting cluster itself.

This also means 2 different CHAdeMO adaptors as others have said. The most urgent market for CHAdeMO is Japan (Tesla are including the adaptor with the car there, and won't start delivering cars until the adaptor is ready) which means that the US is likely to see their CHAdeMO adaptor before we Europeans do.

It also means that importing a Model S from the US to Europe is a complete non-starter since it would be able to access almost no public charging points.

Instead of several comments telling mclary to not be a jerk, how about 5 people just flag his jerk comment, and then it disappears so no one even has to see it?

Thanks guys! I had a feeling it looked different than what we have on our US spec MS.

Sympathy to Europe for being retrograded to that clumsy lumpa from the sleek NA design.

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