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News coming from Get Amped Tour in München: Tesla Motors is going to open service centers in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and Brussels!!

Can anyone confirm this?

That would be really nice. Amsterdam is about 90 km from where I live.

Every major center is likely to have one.

I hope to visit the Amsterdam Service Center very soon. June/July?

June/July is not very likely as there are only Tesla Roadsters driving around in The Netherlands as yet. During the summer we will see the Tesla Model S on the streets. So, my guess would be that the Service Center in Amsterdam will open in the end of 2013 or in the beginning of 2014.

TM will need and want some service capacity available immediately. At least one Service Center soon after, or even before, deliveries start is likely.

First Signature Model S deliveries in Europe are going to be in April. That's pretty soon already.

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