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Nice videoa about Tesla Model S exterior and cabin walkthrough

Hi all,

Here is a nice video from Ben Goodwin (member of this forum?) about a Tesla Model S Exterior and cabin walkthrough



I have been watching them and they are great. Here are all of them and some even as new as 10 hours ago!

Any other Model S owners confirm the door pops open when you double-click the keyfob like what shows in Ben's vid "Unlocking the Tesla Model S" showed?

Listening to the monologue as the video is going on Ben states that he hadn't seen that happen before so even he seemed surprised that the door opened.

@kublai - I emailed Ben and he said it only ever happened that once. He's been in touch with TM.

"It's not a bug; it's a feature!"

Hi! Indeed I'm here, though not nearly as much as TMC.
And yes, that door opening thing has only happened once so far.

I really hope is just wasn't an accident, but an early preview of an upcoming feature. Maybe an optional setting in the touchscreen. It would be a step closer to the automatic door opening in presence of the keyfob.

"There's nothing awkward going back here"

the lighting in the trunk is terribly insufficient

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