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Notice of 4.3 Update received today- any reasons not to?

Well, at last we have received a notice that we will be updated to 4.3 this evening. Just thought I would see if there is any reason not to go for the update at 8PM after earlier there were a few bugs reported.

At last- timed charge schedules and seat warming. Ok. I am in sunny CA and very quickly now, seat warming will be less needed. But hey...nice to have when needed.

Any bugs that destroy currently functioning items??


Apparently this is the latest v4.3 update. There were a few prior ones that had problems. I personally would install it, haven't gotten an update notice yet...

Firmware 4.3 (1.25.40) is just like a TV ad for a drug that fixes one thing but then they would talk real quickly listing all the side effects.

I took the bait and installed it and now I regretted that I did!

This is most likely for 1.25.45, which supposedly fixes the issues in .40

Just downloaded 1.25.45 with no problems

Ditto here - downloaded last night. Multiple trips today with many opportunities to observe all the behaviors that some have had with .35 or .40. Nothing seen here.

Actually, you installed then. Then download occurs silently in strong signal areas, is saved, and then the "install" is run at your convenience.

typo: "... then. The download occurs ...

Be careful, I installed 4.3 early last week and the charge timer is great. I now have a problem with fan speeds though. The fan speed appears to be the same from 1 to 7 with a minimal increase to 8 and then all hell breaks loose around 9. normally, just kicking the car down a degree or two will cause the fan to ramp up and blow out more air. Now, I have to drop it to "low" to get the fan to kick up at all.

According to the release notes, they messed with the AC programming. I want my old program back!

Doing some digging to see if others are having the same issue.

How relatively cold is the AC air coming out of your face vents? I dropped the temp to low (67) and sat for five minutes waiting for the air to get appreciably colder. It never did. This will be an issue come summer for the driver and passenger, as well as the second row passengers. It's possible this represents an A/C compressor issue in my car. How noticeably chilly does that A/C air get on high fan?


Try turning off range driving mode. That limits the heating and cooling to extend range.

I just installed mine yesterday and now my doors unlock by themselves with no key around. One of my doors actually opened (as in left ajar) on its own too. Wtf! I wouldn't install and now I wish I could roll back.

sam r:

You've got to resist!!!

Didn't you read that I took the bait above?
For security, now you need to disable

1. Walk-away doorlock
2. Auto-presenting handles

What version of 4.3 do you have Tam?


Excellent point! I should have remembered that. Will experiment again with range mode off (see diagram above). It better make me shiver....

Hi Shop:

I am still at V4.3 (1.25.40) and awaiting for the one after that :)

Thanks for asking.

Beware! I just downloaded 4.3 and now my car only plays country western. Also my wife left me and took the dog and the pickup. I should have waited for 4.4.

@ David Trushin, don't worry... Just use Google Nose to find your wife and dog again. Then wait for YouTube to come back online in 2023 and you can listen to any music videos of your choosing.

"Oh, I luved my caowwwww,
And my caow luved me,
And we had such fun
On the wide prarieeeee.

Then she up and died,
And ah cried and cried,
And lay mahself
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My reconstruction of the fundamental c-w lament.

Just downloaded 1.25.45. No problems so far. Doors walk away locking fine and handles auto presenting

I have Ver. 1.25.45. No problems. Heater is warmer.

I have version 3.2 build 1.25.40 and have had no problems with the walk-away locks or the auto-present locks. However, I know several people on the forum have. I periodically check the 'lock' status of my car on my iPhone app, and it is always locked. Curious that some cars respond differently than others to the same software version.

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