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Now Apple and Samsung are committed to 4g, will Tesla keep up?

So, with Apple iPad today coming out in 4G, do you think Tesla will keep up? Elon has said that he hates it when the technology in the car is lagging behind what you have at home. He went on to say that he wants the Model S to be better (more advanced) than what you have at home. Now that pretty much everyone is going 4G (Apple seemed to be the last holdout until today) will you be disappointed if Tesla comes out many months later with only 3G? I know I will, and I won't be surprised that when the car reviewers get a hold of one for testing they'll be all over that.
Personally, if they only offer 3g, I won't get the connectivity package, and just use my phone as a mobile hotspot.

*shrug* w/e

I plan to drive it, not use it as a laptop.

I still haven't decided if I want the 3G. I might get it if I can make my car a WIFI hotspot for no extra charge. Definitely not getting it without that option.

4G..... I don't know what I will be downloading while I am driving that will require that speed. I'm sure something can be found :-)

@Sudre_, most OEM's will move to 4G/LTE as they'll want to free up spectrum and reduce overhead costs of supporting two infrastructures so if you intend to keep your car more than 5 years then you'll want LTE.

But since it's not built into Tegra 3 it will cost TM a bit more to support so I'm guessing we'll get 3G and they'll roll in LTE for the 2014 Model S.

4G..... I don't know what I will be downloading while I am driving that will require that speed. I'm sure something can be found :-) (Sudre_)

Internet radio.

Internet radio works fine with 3G :)

Internet TV.

Well, maps for one example, will update far more quickly and smoothly on 4G.

Great bitrate is not an abstraction. You will benefit in many things needed in the course of navigating and using your car.

Browse hotels and restaurants in your destination while on the road, and download an HD movies to keep your kids happy.

If the tech package has 3G, at $3,750, that's a deal killer for me.

I'd just stock the car with a new 4G iPad and save 3 grand.

TM can simply integrate a third party 4G hotspot and make it happen quickly.

Go for it TM.

@Mark K: The Tech Package has nothing to do with 3G/4G. If anything, you'll want the Tech Package more if the Model S has 3G only, so that you won't have to rely on internet-based navigation.

Just had a coworker that tried to renew his unlimited data plan with AT&T and was told no. Sounds like all the major carriers are going to move away from the unlimited data plans..... not that they were truely unlimited anyway. Maybe they are just not going to call them that anymore.

I will never use a 3 or 4G service to download large files/maps since my wifi is much faster... and the wifi at work.... and at most coffee shops reach the first few parking spots.... I have a wifi tablet and have't had a need for 3G yet and the one time it would have been useful I looked at my wifes smart phone and it wasn't available.

so... no more tethering or wifi hotspots without and extra charge and now it looks like more costly data packages with the major carriers. I will skip the 3G or 4G.

I have used google maps on my wifi only tablet and had no problems caching the maps as needed while on vacation.

I'll be interested to see what price Tesla will have negotiated for the data plan. Then I'll make my call.

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