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One immediately setting-Tesla-apart app to develop: Heads-up display through your iPhone

I would love to see Tesla offer the following, which I believe would be an industry- / customer-mind blowing offering. And might be capable of being done as an update "over-the-air":

Offer as part of the existing iPhone app a Heads-up display that interfaces with the car's Bluetooth -- allowing you to put the phone on the top of the dash, projects a reversed image on the reflective glass windshield, and acts as an HUD of key speed/battery/navigation information.

Would that not be incredibly cool as a functional capability, and to show how innovative and capable Tesla is?

I know there have already been makeshift apps using the GPS in the iPhone as a toy HUD, but this would be full interface with car for real info. I would love to see that.

And apologies, I should say that this is piggybacking off the idea in the other thread about a real installed HUD, but in this case, just being able to offer it through the iPhone.

Doesn't seem like the iPhone would be anywhere near bright enough to see during the day, and it would turn into a projectile in an accident...

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