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Other needed features for the Rear-facing child seats

This is my wish list for the rear-facing child seats.

1. Video monitoring system
What the rear-facing seats are missing is a video camera. As a parent you always want to see what your kids are doing. Are they sleeping or do they need something? Instead of turning my head 180 to see them, something you can’t do in the Model S, a simple look down at the touch screen would be very nice feature. This camera also needs to have night vision, I do drive with the kids at night. Baby monitors have all this for about $200.

2. Reading light for the kids that can be controlled from the touch screen.

3. Tablet docking device so they can watch movies, play games, etc without having to hold the device.
(I don’t want it flying around and hitting my precious cargo)

4. Control of the A/C from the touch screen

5. Nets, cup holders, small compartments, etc. for all the little things they want to bring.

6. Removable seat covers that can be washed


Cone of silence

Some of that stuff can be retro fitted. Or custom made. integration into the tough screen? There ARE some USB ports...... so wiring stuff in should not be too hard. Prewiring the car for the options will certainly lead to increased cost which most of us don't need...... A company called Tallon out of New Zealand makes various accessories for boats which include a powered iPad holder. Can't see why such a device could not be retrofitted...... Their system also allows for reading lights, albeit not controlled from the touch screen. Quite a versatile system, as the holder is universal and multiple things can be attached to it such as cup holders as well.

All are VERY usefull. I would like to have touchscreen controlled electroshock device for misbehaving kids as well.

careful! Social psych experiments demonstrate that people are willing to crank the power on such devices up to "near lethal" levels if the subjects are recalcitrant ...

8-0 !!

Brian H, but only if instructed to do so by serious-looking men with glasses, gray hair and white lab coat.

I want to see the rear crash test .... hope it is 5 stars.

Allow for tight iPad integration and you can then use the front facing camera in the iPad 2 as your solution for items 1 and 2 (the screen on the iPad when set to all white can really laminate a seating area with maybe an option for a light to dark grey if they are sleeping and you don't want to wake them). Then add the docking station or a USB port for the power and hopefully it all connects via Bluetooth or via that USB connection.

"the screen on the iPad when set to all white can really laminate a seating area" -- does it use spray paint? Or molten plastic?

Very dramatic image, there. Hoping for further illumination!!


Oh you know what I meant... :P :)

Seriously, I would love all these features, even if they are options

The rear-facing seats should have an ejection feature (a la James Bond) in case the children misbehave.

Ejection maybe a bit dangerous for the kids, I say we opt for sleeping gas since they are way back there! Have a clear glass wall slide up and then gas them into submission when they misbehave, more humane and you then don't have to worry about collecting them later on... :D

After further reflection, I think a pair of bicycle pedal generators with the added feature of electro stimulus pads would be helpful. A true compulsory workout...

Can mine come with doggie seat belts. :O)

Actually, I hope this is an option I can just opt out of.

I want to see those pedal generators in the rear-facing child seats -- it'll give the kiddies a way to vent their excess energy on long drives, plus there'll be all these people driving behind the car thinking that it's pedal-powered!

Yeah, tell the kids when you're gonna "goose it", so they can pour it on and really flip out your tail-gaters ...

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