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Parking sensors!

In case you haven t read the European Options topic, Europe is getting the parking sensors front and back as an option!

Great news

Great news indeed - but what about US? :D

yeah I'd like those parking sensors for the U.S. model! Please!!

after all that wait, maybe this is a reward for us, patient Europeans.

I certainly want my US car retrofitted w/ parking sensors. That was the only hesitance I had on buying it.

Me too. That is my biggest complaint with my current MS. I need a retrofit for parking sensors. I looked into aftermarket sensors but would much prefer factory install with integration into other systems if possible.

Where and/or how do you see that?

@muller Here is the link:

Two of us have called Tesla in the US and they say they know nothing about it.

Would love to see what the parking sensors look like. I think most factory parking sensors are ugly.

I was told by a US rep that the production of US and European models are completely separate and that each region may get different features.

They said they don't know anything about this coming to US models at this point.

@Elguapo: Thx, found the thread :-)
Looking forward to those parking sensors!
I actually checked the date to assure that it wasn't an aprils fool thing...

These oltions are needed to compete with top of the line European cars like BMW Merc etc

Living in Colorado, I wouldn't mind having that Cold Weather Package. Alas, my order is already in for a 60.

I hope they're invisible. I can't stand how ugly parking sensors are. I hate how the expensive European brands have these ugly cuts in the fascias.

I was told by a service guy in NY that the software for the parking sensors is already written, and the switch for it is already present in all of the Model S cars (It can been seen when the touchscreen is viewed by a tech in "developer" mode)...They just didn't have time to perfect the hardware in time for delivery, so they decided to delay the implementation of it, and then offer it as an option down the road.

As for how they look, I'd rather that they weren't visible either, but at the end of the day, I'll take those little dime-sized discs if it's going to help protect my car...As it is, I'm triple-paranoid about backing up into something...It's hard to get used to having them, and then move to a newer car that doesn't have them.

Spoke with Tesla rep today (my order about to go to factory.) Parking sensors not available yet, but will almost certainly be available in the future on new cars, and as a retrofit on cars already delivered. He could not tell me anything about timing. He had no information on the "cold weather package" mentioned in the link above. Obviously rear seat heaters would not be an easy retrofit, so looks like that's out for me even if it comes available later.

Early adopters trade time for feature availability and refinement. You don't get to be first AND enjoy the later refinements. Ask Mr. Spock to explain it to you.

@olanmills - Agreed!

Not complaining - can't get my Tesla too soon. I was waiting for the lease on my Infiniti M37x to be done, but I can't wait anymore. It's done April 2014, and I can't see spending another year obsessively reading the Tesla forums without getting my Model S. I'll pay the buyout and sell the Infiniti for whatever I can get.

Any word if Tesla U.S. will get the same features?

The Tesla rep said that at some point in the future the sensors will be available on new cars, and there will likely be a retrofit available for existing cars. Couldn't give me any sense of when.

Sorry, I should have specified that I'm speaking about the U.S.

Hmm good to know. Hopefully soon. Trying to be as patient as possible.

+1 Brian H. We all could still be waiting for delivery of the Sigs if Tesla took an extra six months to add features and make other refinements. Many posters said then and now that they would gladly take their S early even if it were missing some things. And who knows if Tesla would have even survived the process. The solution is to wait until the features that one requires are available. Or don't wait, knowing what you're getting today. I chose the latter and love it.

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