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Recommendations for Denver area electrical contractor for installing high power wall connector?

Anyone have any recommendations for a good Denver area electrical contractor to install a high power wall connector? (other than Solar City). I had a contract with Solar City on January 4 to install it for $1050 and they just notified me they were going to increase the price to $1,950 so I am looking for another option.

I don't know if anyone around here has actually received it yet but the Tesla provided install instructions don't look so difficult that a regular pro wouldn't be able to do it. I use Badger Electric.

Thanks for the information

I used Scott Electric. Very happy.

I'm up in Fort Collins and just this week had Fiske Electric put in the 14-50 in my garage. Very inexpensive. Let me know if anybody needs contact details for Fiske.

I had mine done by an electrician on the side from his company on the weekend.Works so much better than the 110 which I had to endore for about a week.

Apollo Electric (Mark) has done a few of the Tesla electric installs in Colorado and understands all the specs needed, and is really inexpensive. Did mine for $650.00

Call him 303-987-8414

I utilized Grant Blicker (303) 817-4864
He did a very clean 14-50 garage install for us.
I also went with 100 amp wiring, so if I want to convert to the HPWC I’ll just need to swap out breaker and box.

live in central unincorp Dougco and had bids that were all over the place: from a high of over $3k to up-sell installation to $450 from Solar City, which was still too high. we finally found an electrician who was willing to come out to look w/o charging a service fee and his quote was very reasonable. he upgraded to NEMA 14-50 50 amp outlet in less than 1 hour at a fraction of Solar City quote. we used and can recommend Carefree Elecric, the electrician was Rob Dana, based in Castle Rock. 303.227.3373. good luck

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