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Registration Problem - Anyone else have this?

Hi there,
So, I went in to register my car, and was sent away as the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement did not include the name of the Lienholder (BofA) on it. Did anyone else have this problem? What did you need to provide?

Got it figured out. Apparently you need to take your loan agreement/security disclosures with you. They will take that.

That was a pricey one.

Yeah motor vehicles calls the loan agreement/security disclosurers one thing and Tesla calls it the promisory note. It was confusing as I had to go in twice to get them all the correct info. Also Tesla made a mistake with RTD tax which I don't pay and had to get a refund from Tesla that took 6 weeks but I got it.

Mind if I ask how pricey? My day to register is coming soon. :-)

I live in Douglas County. Required one temporary registration extension before paperwork resolved. Paid about 1700 to the County Clerk for the plates

Yeah it's approx.$1750.00 for first year but I don't have RTD tax. Unc. Douglas

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