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San Antonio, TX

Anyone in the San Antonio, TX area already have a Roadster or waiting for a Model S?  I'm waiting on a Model S myself.  Thanks.

Completed all my paperwork and got VIN 3143 (almost pi). Sent check via FedEx 12/31 so I am officially considered a 2012 purchase. Ordered floor mats, cargo net, and tire kit. Got a black jacket for Christmas. Started a blog about my ownership experience...

That's it. Oh wait, forgetting something...THE CAR! When is it getting here?!? Have heard early January, which is technically now. Hoping to hear a date from DS tomorrow.

Patience, patience...

Cattledog, I'm in Austin but am in a similar place as you. Vin 3211. Got my check cut yesterday, but didn't make it to FedEx in time, so I sent them a photo of the 12/31-dated check. Hope that'll work for a 2012 purchase. I'm guessing our cars will be on the same truck!

Cattledog - I just found out my S will be here (Austin) on Monday! Assuming ours are on the same truck, I suppose yours will be around the same time. If you haven't heard yet, you might want to contact your Tesla rep.

rc_austin - That's great news! I had heard it was in Arizona Wednesday, e-mailed my DS yesterday but haven't received a response. Every time phone rang today my pulse quickened. I go out of town Tuesday morning until Friday night, so Monday would be sweet. Otherwise dsm will have to go by and teach my wife how to drive it! Haven't received documents from Tesla to register though...

Mine was supposed to be delivered Monday but no. Shooting for Tuesday, unfortunately I'll be gone until Friday for work.

Delivered Wednesday, I got to drive today. Amazing. Check in tomorrow for a full write-up.


A fellow San Antonian's first 48 hours.

Cattle dog great write-up, loved the blog. I've paid, received the first set of paperwork, signed it and returned it and am now just waiting for Tesla to put the car on a transport truck. My DS said maybe Thursday morning. As of today still not a truck yet. Can't wait. Garage is already wired and ready to go.

TonyJ - Once you get it, it's like going through a one-way wormhole. No coming back to the fossil fuel dimension. This is the century of the electron.

Cattle dog. How much time between your MS being put on the truck and it arriving at your doorstep. I understand your car took a circuitous route.

Tony - I don't know for sure, I did not get a confirmed date that it left the factory. In the middle of the 'where in the heck is my car' part of the delivery process, I understood that the car went from CAS to AZ, switched transports, then came to TX.

So, WAG, 7 days, +/- 3 days.

Good luck!

cattledog--- i am getting my model S in late February in north San Antonio. pearl white with the rear kid seats. who did your electric install and did you order the wall charger from tesla? there is a company called chargepoint, which i was considering. thanks

I installed a nema 14-50 outlet. It is faster than a charge point charger.

Nkella - We used Vollmer Electric and they installed 2 NEMA 14-50s for us under the expectation that we'll get a Model X in 2014 (reserved).

If you call them, ask for Brad - you can tell them The Papays referred you.

SA Team - Awfully quiet, any deliveries? Other than visits with dsm, I have yet to see one in the wild. My attorney friend has his in production, any others expecting delivery soon? Let us know.

I received mine 22 Jan. P85 blue, gray interior, lacewood, + tech, + stero, no pano. (Really like the lacewood). I was able to get the plates before the car arrived. I requested a front license plate but it wasn't installed. I saw a MS on I-35 early one morning about 2weeks ago, it exited on Walzem, probably heading the rackspace. I had 2 14-50 outlets placed in my garage. I got 3 quotes. Mr electric. The local contractor for solar city tacked on a $2800 charge that the other quotes I got did not require. I tried to find out what the charge was for and they never returned my call. All the other quotes were within $100 of each other. The electrician from A&A (steve) did a great job, also had satx inspection performed, no issues. Steve performed the electrical work for a home remodeling we had done.

Hey all.. I'm in San Antonio. Waiting on a Model S expected Mar/Apr delivery.

Thanks for the referrals for electric work! Will call one of them soon.


SA Team - Enough critical mass for a meet-up? Maybe a Saturday breakfast or lunch at Pearl? Gotta work around my son's soccer schedule and Spring Break, but perhaps in 3 weekends, say Saturday 3/23?

My 85, Pano, gray with black interior w/piano black, tech package, silver 21" wheels is supposed to be in San Antonio by April 8. So far I have seen a signature red by the Whole Foods on Blanco, a gray one at The Rim, a white one at Rudy's in Leon Springs, a white one on Castano in Alamo Heights and a signature red on Broadway in Alamo Heights.

jglast - Welcome and congratulations! I guess I need to get out more. I haven't seen one in the wild yet, just dsm's at our casa. Our friends just got a silver one, we both live in Monte Vista.

My wife just said if I let her drive more rather than parking the car in my garage at work, you'd have seen a midnight blue by now. I have tracked her though on the app and seen her parked at the Rim...doubt she's getting brussels sprouts.

Just got our gray p85 a couple of weeks ago. The wife has seen a blue at SMH.

elricho - We're the Blue one at SMH, funny how I drive the kids to school a lot more than I used you have kids there too or was your wife just out that way?

cattledog - we have niece and nephew there that we pick up on occasion. our two yutes go elsewhere. you suggestion for an SA meetup sounds fun, but we not seen any responses. the number of units in greater SA area might be approaching double digits.

Just heard my gray/black arrives in Austin tomorrow or Wednesday for inspections and final detail work. Tesla says it should arrive in SA as early as Friday. I've seen five here but not any of the ones I've read about on this thread. My Stepdad's should arrive next week. I think we are easily double digits here. I'm up for a meet up. Very excited.

Some of us are going to a fundraiser today for the Green Spaces Alliance, 3-6 PM, $35 ticket or $20 if a member. Should be at least 3 Teslas there.

Maybe we skip next weekend (Easter) and shoot for something on Saturday, April 6.

Since I live in Monte Vista, I am partial to the Pearl. They have a great Saturday Farmer's Market and several new restaurants. I could contact them and see if there'd be a way they could rope off a handful of parking spaces for us and sort of make us a 'booth" at the market, then have a lunch down there.

Yes to April 6 at The Pearl. Loving the car. Had connectivity problems most of my first day so voice command, nav, music was limited. iPhone had many bars so Tesla rep was confused. Working on it. But overall I was beyond happy.

My wife and I are going to the farmer's market this morning, + my architecture firm did a lot of the work at Pearl, so I'll see if we can get a special spot where we could put a couple cars on display like a booth next Saturday. If not, a lunch meet up is good. Look back in and I'll post something Monday or so.

Went to Pearl yesterday, there was a Triumph Spitfire group displaying about 10 cars halfway between Farmer's Market and La Gloria. They gave me all the info, I'll call Monday morning to see if we can do the same.

BTW - parked the Model S next to them, they were cool and coned off a spot for me. However, once the S was there, Spitfire show was essentially over - 2/3 of onlookers were over at my Model S. My wife did a good job of sharing, and once I finished talking with Spitfire folks we left, felt like we were stealing their thunder.

Check back in tomorrow and if it's a go we'll figure out how to organize.

Update on meet up - I spoke with the right person at Pearl yesterday, they are getting back to me today about whether we can cone off a few spaces this Saturday. They would put us in their newsletter, and on its own the Farmer's Market draws lots of folks, so we could do some serious EVangelizing if they give us a spot AND a few of us show up.

As soon as I hear today I'll alert everyone.

No word from Pearl. I'll given them until tomorrow and if we don't get traction we'll go another weekend.

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