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SF Bay Area body work recommendation--just had great experience

Hopefully, you won't ever need it, but I took my Model S to a Tesla-recommended shop, Chilton Auto Body (in San Carlos) and had a fantastic experience. They have experience (sadly...) with repairing both the Model S and the Roadster and they were incredibly professional and quick. I highly recommend them.

k8yorr. Sorry, but you are not getting off so easy! We want the sordid details.

I also would love details and love that they are one city over from me!!

k8yorr, I completely agree with our assessment of Chilton Auto Body in San Carlos. They repaired my Roadster when a van attempted to hit me squarely on the passenger side. Due to the Roadster's acceleration, they did take off the back bumper instead and do damage to the drive train. Chilton's did a great job of getting my "baby" back to me in great shape.

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