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Solar Powered Photovoltaic Array for my Model S

I reserved a Model S and also contracted to install a 40 panel array at my home with net-metering. This should generate 30 KwHr AC power per day, enough to drive a TESLA 100 miles per day, or power home electric needs on days I am not travelling. With all the Federal and State tax credit and incentives its a no brainer financially and I will not pay the high electric costs when everyone else eventually plugs in. For Massachusetts residents, see
I hope TESLA works to streamline the efficiency of panel to battery charging.

Driving a RAV4EV for 6 years, 10,000 miles per year, I found that I used 1.6 kW of panels to power my car. The Tesla is heavier, but more aerodynamic, and I suspect will get similar miles per watt hour.
This number of panels of course generates different power from day to day, from less than 1 kWh to over 10 kWh, depending on clouds, length of day, etc., so I am assuming you mean that your "per day" is an average.
I also have battery backup, so I can charge when off grid. I don't see any way to go directly from panel to battery yet: My system has to change the voltage from the panels, which can be anywhere from zero to over 100 volts depending on sunshine on the string, to the 48 volts my batteries require. You are suggesting direct DC to DC, and I wonder if the number of customers who want EV charging, vs those who want to lower their utility bills (220 volt AC), would warrant the expense.
You need to ask the current suppliers of inverters, such as Outback, Xantrex, Sunny boy, etc. about charging unusual voltage batteries!
Also, I drive cautiously, country roads, get pretty darned good mileage on the RAV. YMMV: Your mileage may vary.

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