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Special Plate Names?

I am curious is anyone has purchased a special plate name in Colorado. This is my first and I will have the plate name AMPED.

Rod in Evergreen


I originally tired for KICKGAS, but it was rejected as "potentially offensive". I took the "I" out and reapplied. I must have had a different person reviewing the application, as it came through within days.

Colorado Carbon Fund plate TSLA EV

Cool - thanks gents!

I've got CO Carbon Fund plates: I SQR R

Little engineer joke.

Good one - I am an engineer as well!


Power = (Voltage)^2 / Resistence

I had to go to Wikipedia and found "Copper Loss" (clearly not an engineer here :o)

True, Velo1. But my plate represents the other way to write the power equation:

Power = (Current)^2 * Resistance

Mine will be QueTeux

I'm not an engineer, but I was going to use COIL. I was talked out of that in favor of GAMECHG.

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